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8 Easy-to-grow Succulents That Attract Money To The Home

8 Easy-to-grow Succulents That Attract Money To The Home

Adding plant in home and office is a new preferred trend by many people for many reasons. Not only supply green space for the environment, for human life, but plants also attract good things like money- according to some beliefs like Feng Sui, Vastu, and some others. If you want to find ways to help your business and your life better, this list today is for you. Discover their names and start growing them from today.

Not just that, they are good to help purify the air in your home and improve humidity. Some of them help to balance the water element and result in displacing negative energy in Feng Sui. Even, there is also scientific research showing that indoor plants can help reduce stress. After reading, we hope that you will find one choice which is suitable for your favorite.

#1. Desert Rose

Image source: Tipsplants

Desert Rose is famous as Fu Gui Hua in Mandarin, which interprets to wealth plant, the plumped swollen stem of the plant portrays fortune, luck, and money.

#2. Baby Jade Plant

Image source: Bhg

In Feng Shui, the Baby Jade Plant activates financial luck. So if you place it on the office desks or tables, it will bring good luck and money to your career and your home.

#3. Aloe Vera

Image source: Nurserylive

According to Vastu, Aloe Vera is admired for innumerable benefits from health benefits to luck when set in the North or East direction.

#4. Houseleek

Image source: Plantcaretoday

Houseleek is known as ‘always alive and brings good luck. Also, it keeps your home safe from fire and lighting. In India, this indoor plant is also popular as “Laxmi Kamal” to make the homes prosperous and also saves against witchcraft.

#5. Jade Plant

Image source: Indiagardening

Jade Plant features oval-shaped leaves that look like jade stone. This indoor plant is considered a symbol of wealth and good luck.

#6. Chinese Money Plant

Image source: Thelittlebotanical

Chinese Money Plant isn’t exactly succulent, it is semi-succulent and is loved for bringing prosperity, luck, and money. It has large green leaves that stack on top of each other give an impression of coins, hence the name.

#7. Snake Plant

Image source: Swansonsnursery

Snake Plant is an ideal plant that can invite protective energy to the home when placed in the right locations.

#8. Cactus

Image source: Miraclegro

The flowers of Cactus are believed that denotes good fortune by the Aztecs – according to the Mesoamerican culture of Mexico. The plant brings good news and represents positivity to the owner.

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