8 Onion Skin Uses For Your Garden

Onion skin has many amazing uses in the garden, daily life, even human health that not everyone knows. For example, onion skins are rich in antioxidants and quercetin and have anti-obesity effects; or your leg cramps also reduce when using onion peels. So, if you want to find ways to control your problem what you are getting trouble with, this post today will help you find the right way. Check them out with us to know the good uses of onion skin.

After using onion, most of you will throw onion peel in the trash as waste. Don’t do that because they can do more. Your garden is needing to have additional nutrients, your dishes are lack something special to more delicious, or improve your health. Everything will be dealt with when onion skins are here. To do this, let’s save this information and try them. We believe that most of them will bring surprising results.

#1 Send them in Compost Bin

You can compost onion skins and peelings and get nutrient-rich compost. To counter their rotting smell–bury them a few inches deep in your compost pile. Avoid adding them to your worm composting bin.

#2 Mulch Your Garden

Use the leftover onion skins for mulching. The dry peels will decompose soon and enrich your soil with potassium and calcium.

#3 Make Onion Skin Fertilizer

Using onion skins to create organic potassium-rich fertilizer for all your plants growing indoors or outdoors. Using it will increase their disease resistance, growth, strong stems, and productivity. This onion skin fertilizer will also be rich in Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, and Copper.

#4 Make an Onion Peel Tea

Use blemish-free onion peels and skin to make healthy onion peel tea. It can suppress obesity. Also, drinking onion peel tea can reduce allergy-related issues, high blood pressure, and infections because it’s rich in quercetin.

#5 Get Rid of Leg Cramps

You can try your cure leg cramps remedy at home by using onion skin because of the anti-inflammatory properties. Boil the peels in water for 10-15 minutes, remove only the infused water or tea and drink it before the bed. Consume it for at least a week to see the difference.

#6 Die Easter Eggs with Onion Skins

Onion skins are the best natural way to die your Easter eggs. The dyeing process is easy and almost cost-free.

#7 Die Your Fabric and Wool

Not only the eggs, but one of the best onion skin uses is, it can also be used to die thread, fabric, and wool naturally.

#8 Add Onion Skins to Stock and Soup Recipes

You can use onion skins to darken stock and give vibrant color to your soups and gravies. The skins may not affect the flavor but improve the appearance of the item you’re cooking. And, don’t forget the nutrients, onion skin is richer in antioxidants than the onion itself.

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