9 DIY Container Ideas To Grow Your Favorite Vegetables

9 DIY Container Ideas To Grow Your Favorite Vegetables

Nowadays, a lot of people love eating veggies, fruits, herbs, and microgreens that are grown by themselves. It becomes a new trend. The simple reason, they can grow organic Non-GMO food that all products of supermarkets can’t give to them. What is more, they can grow lots of different varieties in their vegetable garden. It will save them money, and it is a way of healthy activity rather than just searching their internet all time.

And you? If you are finding ways to grow your favorite vegetables in limited spaces, the post today is for you. We’ve listed 11 DIY container ideas that will solve your problem in an easy and interesting. All you need are old buckets, unused compost bags, plastic bottles, old tires, and more, and they totally can be turned into mini-gardens to grow veggies that you love. These materials are easy to find in your house, so, once you are ready, let’s make some. It will be fun when you make these ideas with the support of your kids because they have a chance to interesting experiences from real actives.

#1 Bucket Garden

This is one of the best, cheapest, and DIY vegetable garden ideas. You have any kind of bucket at your home, now add a good kind of potting soil in them. You can grow tomatoes, potatoes, onion, garlic, mushrooms and so much more.

#2 Compost Bag Vegetable Garden

You also can grow so many vegetables in a compost bag directly without having any other kind of container. Firstly, buy some good kind of compost from the market. Shake the bag full of compost, to loosen up the compost. Cut a slot out of the bag. The number of slots depends on the kind of plant. After cutting slot out of the bag, plant your seedlings or sow seeds in that space. Water them. Place your grow bag in a nice shady or sunny place, depending on your crop.

#3 Cheap Grow Bags Made Of Fabric

Fabric bags are the coolest. They are cheap, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, easy to carry, and reusable. Growing your food in the fabric grow bags is very easy. Just put some potting mix in the grow bag and you are good to grow your own food.

#4 Old Tires Garden

You worry about the safety of old tires for your gardening. Don’t worry, they are not bad until they start to break down, which needs a very long period of time.

#5 Plastic Bottles Garden

Growing in plastic bottles is a new trend nowadays. So, do not throw away your soda bottles, turn them into planters.

#6 Vertical Plastic Bottles Garden

If you are dealing with the space problem, this might be the best idea for you. Collect some plastic bottles and make a vertical vegetable garden in no time.

#7 PVC Pipes Vegetable Garden

There are so many ideas to use old PVC pipes to grow your food mostly herbs and salad greens. You cut them from the center and grow your plants in them. Or make some holes in a pipe and use them to grow.

#8 An Old Tree Container

This is the coolest idea ever to grow veggies. If you have an old tree stump in your home, you can make it the most beautiful container ever. You some tool to make space for soil inside the tree stump. Put potting soil in that space. Sow some seeds of salad greens or plant seedlings. Water them when needed.

#9 Mason Jar Herb Garden

If you want to make your window full of beautiful green herbs, a mason jar herb garden is a great option. Firstly, select some good looking mason jars. Put pebbles at the bottom of your jars. Now fill the jars with some good kind of potting soil. You can sow seeds of herbs. Now water the soil.

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