9 Natural Materials To Improve Soil Without Compost Pile

9 Natural Materials To Improve Soil Without Compost Pile

Which is commonly used to boost the nutrients of the garden soil? Compost is the first worth mentioning. But if you prefer natural gardening methods, you can use other materials to improve soil fertility. They’re “domestic waste” that you can find at your home and your neighbors. The point here is you know to make use of them wisely for your gardening work. These will do good to your soil and more importantly, are friendly to the environment.

In this post, we’re glad to share 9 natural materials to improve soil without compost pile. If you are seeking safe and incredibly cheap methods to nourish your garden soil, just give these a go. Coffee ground, banana peels, or orange peel is no strange to you right. They’re from what you eat and drink every day. If you need a large amount for your garden, you even collect them for your neighbors and friends. These “waste” may be not handy for them but helpful for you. Let’s check them out!

#1 Egg Shells

Eggshells helps a lot with the gardening. You can use them as a fertilizer to boost calcium in your soil. Crush shells, mix into your soil or add them to the bottom of your hole before planting transplants. Or, you can sprinkle crushed shells around the base of plants to repel pests, snails and slugs. Be sure that to give your shells a good rinse before you use them.

#2 Orange Peels

If you want to deter cats from using your garden, just cut up orange peels and shred them and spread them around your garden. Cutting them into small pieces and burying in your garden also helpes improve soil. They will add a punch of phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium.

#3 Rabbit Manure

You can use rabbit manure for gardening without composting it. It’s ok to put it right in the garden, it won’t burn your plants. Rabbit droppings are rich with phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. And trace elements calcium, copper, magnesium and sulfur too.

#4 Banana Peels 

Banana peels are a natural fertilizer. It’s effective in improving nutrition of your soil by adding calcium, magnesium, phosphates, potassium, sodium and sulphur. Dry them, grind into power and mix into the soil to boost these nutrients. Or, you can also make a fertilizing tea with banana peels.

#5 Coffee Grounds

Let coffee grounds do a favor for your garden soil! When mixed into the soil or compost, it will improve your soil structure, tilth, and even help to repel certain pests. The grounds contain a lot of nitrogen, which is great for those heavy feeders in your garden.

Coffee grounds are highly acidic, making them perfect for those acid- loving plants. I have read recent conflicting research both dispelling this and proving it

#6 Chopped Leaves (or Leaf Mold)

Fallen leaves are powerful support for your gardening! Leaves are a natural source of minerals and carbon, and good food for earthworms and other microbes. They can also lighten heavy clay soils and maintain moisture in lighter sandy soils. Chop them before adding them to the garden. Place them on top of garden beds to decompose through the winter and early spring.

#7 Wood Chips

Wood chips can be used as a top mulch for the garden. Amazingly, this natural mulch works well for your soil. It helps reduce soil erosion, less weeds to compete for nutrients, and better water retention. They can also increase the nutrients in the soil as they break down and compost on top of it.

#8 Hay or Straw

Using hay or straw for gardening, and you’re adding add a large amount of green matter to your soil. It’s best used as a top dressing and allow it to decompose on the soil adding organic matter and nutrients as it does.

#9 Azomite

Azomite is A to Z Of Minerals Including Trace Elements. It improves soil by adding all minerals – many which are low or missing in today’s soil.

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