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9 Plants That Your Dog Love Eating

Want to grow some plants in the home, but you are hesitating about the safety of those plants for your pets. Don’t worry, in this post today, we will help you choose right the plants that are safe for your pets, even they will give nutrients for your pets. Check them out to know what they are.

Bamboo, rose, dill, basil, fennel, …these are quite popular plants in life. Some of them are great choices to decorate your house more beautiful, others are used in cooking. However, their uses not only stay here but also they are one of the favorite foods and good for your pet. So, you can add them to everyday dishes as a healthy green vegetable supplement instead of just feeding them meat or fast food. If you love your pets, let’s grow these plants that your pets love eating right now.

#1 Bamboo

Soft and crunchy bamboo is loved by dogs. They enjoy munching its sweet and delicious shoots. It is completely safe for dogs and the shoots are low in calories and nutritious for your pooches.

#2 Dill

You can grow dill in small pots and let your dog nibble its leaves. You can also add a small amount of dill as a topping for your dog’s breakfast. Dill is safe for your dog but in lesser quantity.

#3 Basil

This plant is not only good for your puppy but also has several medicinal properties. Your dog can munch the fresh leaves, or you can sprinkle some on his food.

#4 Fennel

Fennel is good for digestion in pets, so your dog can eat in alow quantity and it will cause no harm.

#5 Nasturtium

Nasturtiums are safe for your dogs but in small quantities occasionally. The colorful edible flowers have a spicy flavor and spread a pleasant smell that attracts your pooch.

#6 Thyme

Dogs enjoy the aroma of thyme. This herb is safe and is also great in fighting gingivitis in dogs. You can also add it to your dog food, one teaspoon per pound.

#7 Lemongrass

Lemongrass has healing benefits and it works for dogs. Having a pot full of lemongrass will ensure that your dog will have something to nibble on as it also helps them in an upset stomach.

#8 Grass

You have seen dogs roaming and chewing certain varieties of grasses. The healthy alternative is to grow pet grass/ wheatgrass. It helps to clean their digestive system, is completely safe and you can easily grow them in containers for your dogs to munch on.

#9 Rose

The beautiful and scented rose flowers are not toxic to your dogs, but your pets might get injured by a thorn while sniffing or eating. To protect your dogs from any injury you can snip away a few flowers for them.

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