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9 Simple Ways To Keep Your Cut Flowers Fresh Longer

There is nothing better than enjoying a bouquet of freshly cut flowers in the home frequently, right? It’s so hard to admire your stunning upstanding bouquet for a long time because just the next morning you will find a puddle of petals disintegrating around the vase. Don’t despair, we compiled a short post 9 tricks that are simple and easy to use to help you preserve your flowers, so they last longer and extend the happiness they bring into your home. Check them out!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re growing flowers in your garden or purchasing your flowers from a flower retailer, these ways today will help your flowers fresh longer. All of which are simple, effective, and inexpensive. You can subsidize what they are missing from the main plant or preventing bacterial growth in stagnant water, there are several ways to fulfill these two goals. Either way, we hope you find them useful in keeping your cut flowers alive longer. Keep reading to know the details.

#1. Change The Water Often

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Changing the water frequently (two days at a minimum) is essential to keeping cut flowers fresh because the water has begun to change color means indicating the presence of bacteria. At the same time, you should scrub the vase to remove any harmful bacteria.

#2. Keep Flowers Out Of The Sun

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When grown in the garden, plants need plenty of direct sunlight to produce the energy required to make flowers. However, after cutting, if they are placed in the sun will only dry out quicker, with the flower heads wilting faster too. That is the reason you should keep the flowers in the coolest part of your home away from any direct sunlight.

#3. Vodka

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Vodka is one of the best ways to keep your flowers fresh longer because it performs an essential function that limits ethylene production. Ethylene is a gas that facilitates the ripening process, causing flowers to open and mature. By adding a few drops of vodka to your vase water, you can slow down this process and preserving your flowers for a few more days. Also, It is believed to inhibit bacterial growth, keeping the water cleaner for longer.

#4. Using Soda

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Using soda to add to your vase to give a certain amount of sugar to feed the flowers and the acidity causes the stems to draw up the water faster. Simply, add ½ a cup of soda to a full cup, depending on the size of your vase. Keep in mind, soda also encourages bacterial growth, so it’s still important to change out the water often, adding soda each time.

#5. Apple Cider Vinegar and Sugar

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Like soda, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Sugar serve as a kind of plant food to help your flowers fresh for a long time.

#6. Fridge

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Fridges will keep the flower heads cool to prevent drying and wilting. So, by keeping your flowers cool overnight for a good eight hours, they will still look as good as the day you bought them more than a week later.

#7. Pull Off Excess Leaves

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Stripping excess leaves is not only essential for aesthetic purposes, but it also serves an important function in keeping your flowers living for longer as this prevents rot and harmful bacteria, and unwanted bugs of excess leaves.

#8. Cut The Stems Frequently

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After cutting and putting in the water in few days, plant stems of flowers will be attacked by harmful bacteria. To combat this phenomenon, always give the flowers an extra cut frequently to increase the surface area of the cut as well as allow the plant to take up more water to prolong their life.

#9. Bleach

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To to prevent growth in your vase, you also can use bleach to combat bacterial growth. Bleach is recommended for a range of cut flower ailments, rotting stems, and cloudy water, but its bacteria-fighting properties are the number one benefit. Simply, adding a tiny amount of bleach to the water (less than a teaspoon), your water will stay clean and bacteria-free, leaving your flowers to thrive in a happy environment.

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