Awesome DIY Book Planter Ideas

Awesome DIY Book Planter Ideas

If you are finding something impressive for your tabletop centerpieces at your office desk and reading room, you are in the right place. And old books are great ideas that we want to share in the post today. You can grow them in pots, containers, teacups, or wine glasses but book planter is quite stranger, right? However, after the post, you will be fall in love with ideas that are inspired by old books. Here are 11 awesome DIY book planter ideas that you will fall in love with. It’s time to check them out with us!

Taking them a look, they are so beautiful, right? With these ideas, you can get super cheap old books from the thrift store, yard sale, library, or friends. Remember, you’ll need to use thick hardback or hardcover books for this purpose. The steps are simple, glue the pages together, and measure a rectangular box on the front page of your book. And then, cut the box with a craft knife to create a space for planting and line it with plastic. Fill it with enough soil and plant the succulents. And now, you can see your own masterpieces!

#1 Growing Book Trend

This planter refers to a novel planter that brings a refreshingly vintage vibe to your homes and offices.

#2 Fantasy Garden in a Book

A fantasy garden in an old book with an entryway and a secret key. It is a great idea!

#3 Tealight Candle Holder+Book Planter

A vintage book planter decorated with tiny stones, seashells, and a tealight candle.

#4 Vintage Book Fairy Garden

Go one step ahead by creating not just a planter but a fairy garden in a vintage book.

#5 Old Book Planter

You can add a little charm to your office or home with this idea, so cute!

#6 DIY Book Planter with Succulents and Fabric Flowers

It looks so calm once you plant and arrange the succulents, moss, and fabric flowers in it. Try it!

#7 Designing a Vintage Book Planter

One of the beautiful DIY that you can make and also give your friend as a cute gift.

#8 DIY Book Vase

A impressive vase for you. Easy to make, you can try when having free time at weekend!

#9 Succulent Book Planter

Turn your old book into impressive planter and place it in your desk.

#10 Recycled Book Planters

A mini garden in a old book. Fill soil and grow your favorite plants.

#11 Succulent Planter from Vintage Books

If by chance you love growing succulents and reading books, this is the best way to combine them.

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