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Awesome Ways To Use Leftover Wine In Your Garden And Home

Awesome Ways To Use Leftover Wine In Your Garden And Home

What do you usually do with leftover wine? Tossing it! Don’t do that for whatever reason because there are plenty of unique things that you can do with your leftover wine from cleaning methods in your home to use in the garden. So let’s use it instead of pouring it down the drain. And in the article, we’ve gathered the 13 Awesome Ways to Use Leftover Wine in Your Garden and Home. They are the healthiest, most efficient, and most fun ways to keep you amazed.

If you don’t like using chemicals, these leftover wine ideas today are for you. As you can see in our list, you can use them for many and different practical purposes such as kick start organic compost, get rid of weeds, harmful pests, clean oxidized home items, or keep your cutting flowers fresh for a long time, and more. Ways to these uses are easy to make without requiring any effort or skill. Simply spend your time exploring ways to use them below, you will see that they are so interested and useful!

#1 Fertilize Plants

Using the leftover wine to fertilize plants but don’t wine that’s too old because it can be becoming vinegar, which might damage the roots. Simply add 4-6 teaspoons of leftover wine to water your plant and see the difference!

#2 Remove Wine Stains

Just pour little white wine over the red and dip a clean towel and use it to remove the stain.

#3 Dye Fabric

Leftover wine is perfect for turning a white scarf or a summer t-shirt into something colorful. Just soak the fabric or shoes in the wine to get a stunning burgundy hue.

#4 Remove Limescale

Use the leftover wine to get rid of calcium and mineral build-ups on sinks, shower doors, doorknobs, taps, toilets, and such places. Spray some white wine and let it sit for 25-30 minutes, and then wipe clean

#5 Keep Ants Away

If the wine is turning into wine vinegar, you can spray it on ant trails, windows, door frames, and on surfaces to deter ants.

#6 Weed Killer

Wine can work as a weed killer. Once the leftover wine turns into vinegar, it can be used as a herbicide. It is a safe and inexpensive option to keep the weeds under control.

#7 Freshen Up-Cut flowers

You can add two tablespoons of wine and one teaspoon of sugar in a quart of water and spray on the cut flowers to keep them fresh for a long time.

#8 Trap Fruit Flies

You can use the leftover wine to kill fruit flies.

#9 Clean Your Kitchen

You can use homemade wine vinegar as a cleaning agent. It helps protect your kitchen and home surfaces, removes some stubborn stains from the countertops, keeps bacterias, insects, grease, and dust away.

#10 Kick Start Compost

Adding 2-4 teaspoons of leftover red wine in the compost bin to stimulate the bacteria and enrich the compost fertilizer.

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