Best Green Leafy Vegetables That Can Grow Well In Containers For Summer Salad

Best Green Leafy Vegetables That Can Grow Well In Containers For Summer Salad

Summer is here, are you ready to treat the whole family with delicious salads? It is irresistible their light sweet, crunchy flavors!!!! For the best taste, you have to choose the freshest vegetables. And have a question here! How can you buy the cleanest, freshest, safest and vegetables? Don’t think a lot, you can totally grow at your home in your own way with our recommendation today. These are the best Green Leafy Vegetables That Can Grow Well In Containers.

Growing in containers is one of the best ideas for those who love green vegetables but don’t have space, or a garden. With the way, your vegetable can grow well and take care easier. Most of them can grow in short of time to harvest, at least in 40 days. And after that, you will start your harvest period. Now, tasty and organic vegetables are ready for your favorite salad in flash. Let’s check it out!!!

#1 Spinach

Growing spinach in pots is one of the easiest things to have delicious salad dishes to treat whole family.

#2 Celery

This vegetable contains low calorie that is suitable for weight watchers and helps in improving digestion. To grow it, choose a bowl or a planter that is at least 8 inches deep. Keep the soil moist and regularly feed with liquid fertilizer.

#3 Swiss Chard

Swiss chard can be turned into many delicious dishes like salads, soups and stir-fries. Grow it in a spot and where it’s likely to receive at least 6-8 hours of sunlight, especially in climates where the sun is not intense.

#4 Chicory, Belgian Endive

Chicory is a cool weather crop and can be grown in early spring and spring. As you’re growing chicory for its leaves, choose a shallow pot and keep the growing medium slightly moist all the time.

#5 Kale

Kale has thick and dark-green leaves, contains vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, these are mineral good for health. You should grow this plant in your balcony or patio and even indoors. You can plant up to 2 kale plants in a standard 12 inches (5-gallon) pot and move it easily around in the shade or out of the cold in winter.

#6 Radicchio

Growing it is similar to lettuce as both belong to the daisy family. As radicchio is a cool weather crop, should start the radicchio seeds in spring and again in summer for the fall harvest.

#7 Mustard Greens

Mustard greens are very tolerant of frost and heat, and remarkably easy to grow in pots, indoors or outdoors. Get a shallow 6 to 8 inches deep pot; a window box would be fine, fill it with regular potting mix with a lot of organic matter.

#8 Mizuna

Mizuna adopts a compact growth form and takes less than 40 days to mature. It doesn’t demand much besides full sun to part sun and moderate drainage and grows well in 6-8 inches deep pots.

#9 Endive and Escarole

Growing Endive and Escarole in containers for a quick summer harvest. While endive is quite tolerant of temperature fluctuations, it thrives best in moderately cool conditions.

#10 Watercress

The secret of growing this super healthy plant is to keep it in part shade and give it regular water. Regular trimming, good drainage, and optimal potting mix are all factors that encourage new growth and help your watercress thrive in pots.

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