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Best Silver Plants To Grow In Your Yard

We’re no longer strange to green foliage plants. Most of flowers, vegetables, trees, weeds and grasses we find in our garden or any other places have green foliage. This post, however, loves to give you something more interesting, or even “weird”. It shares 12 best silver plants to grow in your yard. They promise to brighten up your yard space. If your garden has enough room, feel free to give a spot for these.

Some of these are vegetables, some are herbs and some are flowers. We do believe that you’ve seen them somewhere. If you’re fond of gardening, why not bring them to your garden or yard? They’re not only a stunning garden décor but also enable you to harvest. Harvested vegetables and herbs are great for your cooking and flowers are helpful for attracting bees and beneficial insects to your garden. Some shady plants even create shade for other plants to grow. Ready to give these a look? Here we go!

#1 Dianthus

Dianthus is known for its showy, fragrant flowers. Do you know that silvery leaves are also what make this plant stand out? When dianthus blooms, it produces fine-textured, grassy-looking leaves and bright flowers. Plant dianthus in the front of the border.

#2 Artemisia

The silver leaves of artemisia are a great decor for your garden as they’re true neutrals. They pair beautifully with anything, so you can incorporate silvery plants anywhere in your landscape or container gardens. You can grow them in mass in garden beds and borders, or use it create a sense of continuity across your yard.

#3 Lavender

Along with silver foliage, lavender also makes a name for its fantastic fragrance, excellent heat and drought tolerance, and resistance to deer and rabbits. You can grow these plants directly in your garden or in container gardens. They also attract butterfly and bee and other pollinators to your garden. Amazing!

#4 Echeveria

Echeveria and other succulents are super easy to care. A little water will do the trick. Many varieties feature silvery foliage, and that’s a trait often indicative of drought resistance. They are best grown in container gardens, either by itself or paired with other succulents.

#5 Dusty Miller

Dusty miller is one of the most versatile annual of all time. It features textural foliage covered in soft, silvery-gray hairs. This plant pairs perfectly in cool color schemes with shades of blue, lavender, pink, and white. Never miss dusty miller in summer container gardens as they thrive in dry weather.

#6 Japanese Painted Fern

Japanese painted fern seems to be striking in shaded landscapes. These shady plants shimmer at dusk, and are also effective under trees and other areas that don’t get the sun. Tt’s excellent as an edging plant or in the front of the border.

#7 Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’

Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’ is great to grow in mass as an annual groundcover in container gardens. It appears to glow at dusk and dawn. Place its pots and planters in the outdoor spaces and bring them out as the sun goes down.

#8 Texas Sage

Texas sage thrives in hot, dry weather. This tropical shrub has silvery-green foliage blending beautifully with other colors, and can be especially useful for toning down the look of a garden that has too many strong shades. It pairs well with lots of red, orange, or yellow flowers and foliage.

#9 Lamb’s Ears

Lamb’s ear is one of many many silvery plants that get silvery color from soft hairs. Just touch the leaves to feel it. You can grow these plants directly in your garden or in containers, on their own or with other plants like Texas sage, and lavender.

#10 Sedum

Sedum’s foliage comes in silvery- green or blue. You can grow them in garden beds and borders, as well as more specialized plantings, such as rock gardens. They pair beautifully with other plants as they create a stunning contrast. They’re spectacular for late-summer and fall gardens.

#11 Blue Fescue

Seeking for a beautiful ornamental grasse to grow in your garden? Blue Fescue is an excellent choice. Their silvery-blue foliage makes them stand out and easily grasps your eyes.

#12 Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus cinerea is one of the most common varieties of eucalyptus. This tree iss known for its silver round leaves held tightly to the stems and a fast growth rate. You can get eucalyptus in early spring and grow it into a small standard (tree) by summer.They will add formal style to your container gardens.

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