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DIY Cardboard Projects To Your Garden

DIY Cardboard Projects To Your Garden

You love recycling from old items around the house, cardboard theme today is for you! Here, we’ve listed 8 Easiest DIY Cardboard Projects to Your Garden. You can make some of them with your child’s support and surely they will love joying and gain exciting experiences. If you are wondering about them, let’s spend your time and scroll down to find ideas that you can do.

In addition to using in the packaging of goods in transportation, cardboard is great material in gardening because it is a biodegradable and earth-friendly material that enriches as it breaks down. They are a valuable source of carbon, one of the building blocks of life. As it decomposes, it supplies vital energy to the microbes that improve soil quality and structure. That is the reason why, if you have cardboard, don’t throw them, use them in your garden. Check our ideas today!

#1 Cardboard Garden

Image Credits: Birds and Blooms

#2 Use Cardboard as Mulch and Protect Plants From Weeds

Image Credits: Duckweed Gardening

#3 Cardboard Seed Starter

Image Credits: Gardening Know How

#4 Cardboard Bird Feeder

Image Credits: Etsy

#5 Cardboard Planter

Image Credits: Bobvila

#6 Composting Cardboards

Image Credits: Charles Dowding

#7 Cardboard Fruits Storage

Image Credits: Crowdfarming

#8 Cardboard Butterflies To Decorate Your Fence

Image Credits: Craftingcheerfully

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