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Easy DIY Backyard Bike Rack Ideas You Can Build Right Now

Whether you want to keep your single mountain ride theft-free on your first-level patio or store the family’s bikes organized and tidy, there are many creative ways to make it happen. Here are 15 Easy DIY Backyard Bike Rack Ideas You Can Build Right Now. These ideas are inspired by old items that you can find around the home. Let’s take a peek at some of these great projects!

From dried branches of the old tree that you can get free to PVC pipe which you can buy cheap, they all can become useful bike racks. They can be finished in the span of a single afternoon with a little effort. Also, you can paint them in any choice of colors and they can be as small or as big as needed.

#1 Pallet Bike Rack

Source: Trucsetbricolages

#2 Old Log Bike Rack

Source: Dawn Alleman

#3 Usw Big Branches To Make A Bike Stand

Source: Marjon vrielink

#4 Simple Concrete Bike Rack

Source: Idenyt

#5 PVC Pipe Bike Rack

Source: Bobvila

#6 Wooden Bike Rack

Source: Flickr

#7 Another Concrete Bike Rack

Source: Blog.manomano

#8 Wine Barrel Bike Rack

Source: Etsy

#9 Upcycle a Crib Rail Into a Bike Stand

Source: Hgtv

#10 Piano Bench Bike Rack

Source: Jared Pace

#11 Wood Box Bike Rack

Source: Twelveonmain

#12 Another Pallet Bike Rack

Source: 1001pallets

#13 “Only For Bicycles”

Source: Shari Lynne Hawkins

#14 Hanging Bikes

Source: Rob Phillips

#15 Old Tire Bike Rack

Source: Fixturescloseup

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