Easy-to-grow Vegetables For A Windowsill Garden

When it comes to planting, most of you will think of a large garden. Do you know that your windowsill is a mini garden? If you have an empty space on the windowsill in the bedroom, living room, and kitchen room, surely you own great another property right in your living space. You absolutely can grow them on your windowsills to have fresh and organic vegetables that are good for your health at any time.

That is the reason why in the post today, we will introduce Easy-to-grow Vegetables For A Windowsill Garden. Growing them easily as houseplants as long as you give them enough sunlight. They are herbs and green vegetables to bring convenience to your cooking. No matter when you need a certain type of vegetable for the dish without going to the garden because they are always ready to serve. Not just that, they also display stunning green foliage, or colorful flowers and fruits. They work well both in cooking and decorating, they will make your space of boring windowsill more with their natural beauty and use.

#1 Tomatoes

Source: Birdsandblooms

Tomatoes are quite easy to grow anywhere, including on a windowsill, and it also is a great way to enjoy fresh, organic, juicy food right in the home. For best results, you should grow dwarf varieties like cherry tomatoes.

#2 Green Onions

Source: Freepik

Lack space? You can take advantage of small spaces like windowsills, they grow easily to produce fresh leaves for daily meals. Also, you can harvest the first young leaves after a few days. Better still, they grow well in a water environment without growing in soil.

#3 Spinach

Source: Freepik

Spinach is a fast-growing vegetable. This green leafy veggie just requires a few hours of sun on a windowsill for its happy growth.

#4 Lettuce

Source: Ruralsprout

Lettuce is another choice of green leafy vegetable. It is an incredibly easy-to-grow vegetable with minimal care. It just requires a few hours of sunlight, even artificial light.

#5 Garlic

Source: Plantinstructions

Like onions, garlic grows quickly and easily adapts to indoor conditions. You can grow it from some cloves in the kitchen. After about 7 days you will harvest young leaves to serve on your dishes.

#6 Chillies

Source: Doitproperly

If you want to add something hot and spicy to your meal, growing chilies on a windowsill is an interesting option. Not only gives fresh food but also brings your living space a stunning look.

#7 Microgreens

Source: Handgrowngreens

The green leafy veggies contain a lot of source vitamins A, C, K, and folic acid, these are good for health. So, it is great to grow them for nutrient food. Also, they grow fast after sowing for a few days.

#8 Carrots

Source: Reddit

No need for a large garden! Growing carrot on a windowsill is entirely possible that everyone can do, even if you don’t have any gardening experience. In small pots or window boxes, this tuber also grows well. To grow,  just give it regular watering, otherwise, the roots of carrots will dry out and crack.

#9 Sprouts

Source: Thetimes

In this planting process, all you need is a quart jar, a few tablespoons of sprouting seeds, and water. In a week, you’ll have a jar full of healthy delicate sprouts that you can serve for some of your favorite dishes like salads, sandwiches, or soups. So easy! Let’s try!

#10 Beans and Peas

Source: Poorandglutenfree

If your windowsills have enough space, you can grow easily these climbing veggies or both in the same pots. For its happy growth, give them support by tying a string or wire from the planter to the window frame.

#11 Radishes

Source: Dengarden

The growing time of this tuber just takes a few days with minimal care. Its leaves are edible and so tasty to add to a range of dishes. Give it a sunny windowsill and moist soil for best growth.

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