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Edible Vines To Grow In Small Garden

Owning a small garden means you have to think of ways when growing fruits and vegetables in that limited space. And edible vine plants are a perfect solution. For the simple reason, they can be grown vertically when they’re trained to grow up a trellis, fence, or arbor. They not only move vertically, but also they can spread along with ceilings to make the most of that space, become shading roofs themselves, help with insulating as living walls and fences. Especially, they are great for hot days of summer!

This is a list of 12 edible vines to grow in your garden that you will love. Most of them can give you a high yield that you can give your neighbor, even sell them. There is nothing better than harvesting fresh fruits at right your home and enjoying them as a great natural gift, right? If you are looking for functionality as well as beauty, they are unique and downright stunning vines to choose from.

#1 Grapes

Grapes are easy to grow on a pergola or arbor with bunches of grapes hanging down. They grow best in full sun and need plenty of space to spread out.

#2 Passionfruit

Passionfruit is another perennial vine that produces small green fruits with orange pulp and crunchy edible seeds. They grow best in warm, subtropical climates in a position with full sun.

#3 Raspberry

Growing raspberries on a trellis make it easy to harvest the berries and reduce pests and diseases.

#4 Blackberry

Blackberry vines can be trained to grow along a fence, wire, or trellis. They grow best in full sun and they will produce berries in their second year of growth.

#5 Kiwi

Kiwis are ideal for growing on a trellis or pergola. They grow best in warm climates with short winters.

#6 Melons

There are many different types of melons that you can grow on a trellis to save space. They need a hammock to be supported their weight, and you can make them of an old piece of clothing or pantyhose.

#7 Tomatoes

Tomatoes are easy vining vegetables for beginner gardeners to grow and they can be trained to grow up a trellis or wooden stake.

#8 Cucumbers

Cucumber is another type of vining vegetable that can be grown vertically.

#9 Pumpkin

Growing pumpkin vertically on a trellis to limit the vines spread out and take over the garden.

#10 Bitter Melon

Bitter melons grow best in full sun and prefer a tropical or subtropical climate.

#11 Chayote

Chayote grows best in tropical or subtropical climates.

#12 Hyacinth Beans

Hyacinth Beans look great growing vertically and grow best in full sun on a sturdy trellis.

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