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Garden Design Ideas with Lavender Flower

If modern space in a lavish metropolis makes you bored, why not try to change to a new, romantic space inspired by the romantic land of lavender. So today, we are so happy to introduce 7 garden design ideas with lavender flowers that you will fall in love with. Check them out with us!

In addition to bringing beauty and fragrance to your garden, lavender is also considered one of the medical herbs with many benefits, you can snip a cup of teas made with this flower, or dry them and bring them to your home to decorate, and more. Besides, this flower is so easy to take care of, so you will have great flowers for any space in the garden without spending a lot of your time on them.

#1 Garden Path

Grow lavenders near the garden path so that when you walk, it will brush up your feet and leave their aroma. Lavender growing along with garden path looks so vibrant, too.

#2 Sloping Garden

If you want to grow something around the sloping space of your garden, grow lavender. It thrives well in sloppy areas as these do not keep moisture and remain well-drained.

#3 Land-filler

Grow lavender as a land-filler. You can grow it with herbs that require similar growing conditions. Herbs like thyme, dill, and rosemary do well with it. If you have a sunny spot in your yard, make a herb garden.

#4 Near Fences

Lavender can be grown along the garden fences to create an illusion of enlarged space.

#5 Lavender Border

Grow lavender in borders, it looks so wonderful and attracts bees and butterflies.

#6 Lavender Hedge

Drought tolerant and deer resistant, lavenders are the perfect plant to make hedges of. Tall growing varieties like common lavender, french lavender, and ‘royal purple’ are good for hedges.

#7 Flower Bed

Consider this beautiful combination of Californian poppies and lavender flanking across the walkway. Orange and purple colors are complementing each other and giving a warm appearance to a garden.

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