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How To Turn Old Logs Into Brilliant DIY Planters?

Spring is here. It’s time to bring new appearance to your garden. The green of veggies and fragrance of blooming flowers come together. Look no further. You can immediately immerse into the beauty of nature. I love growing veggies, flowers and herbs on DIY planters these days. The reason is simple. It’s so interesting to make and the craft is customized to me.

If you get interested in homemade flower planters, this post is right up your street. It let you know how to turn old logs into brilliant BIY planters. All you need for this project is a log of soft wood (white pine), a hammer, a circular saw, soil and flowers to your liking. If your kids want to involve in, just give them a chance. You can even make a mini planter for them to hang outside the window. Let’s get started!

#1 Prepare a log

We recommend you use logs of soft wood, white pine, for instance. Then, you will carve out a shallow trough to make a bed for your flowers.

#2 Fill your trough with soil and grow favorite plants

You can use top soil or putting soil. And, it’s ready to grow your favorite flower.

#3 Use smaller logs to make planter for the porch and deck

These planters surely make your house more impressive from the outside.

#4  Grow succulents in log planters

A brilliant idea! You can place this planter at a coffee table at backyard.

#5 Turn your log into a tree stump

Everyone will love this for their backyard. It’s great to grow multiple flowers on this tree stump.

It’s incredibly easy to make, right? Just roll up sleeves, and give it a try!

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