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Inspiring Pictures of Indoor Plants Place On The Kitchen

Looking for ideas to vary the space of your kitchen more vivid, you are in the right place to get inspiration. In the post, let’s explore the 18 Inspiring Pictures of Indoor Plants Place On The Kitchen with us, this is the perfect combination of green plants with your cooking space. It also is a great chance to help you closer to nature, and surely after reading you will have your own ways to transform your boring kitchen into a great place you want to stay at all times.

Adding an array of colorful houseplants is one of the most rewarding that everyone will love. For the simple reason, you can make the most open space of your kitchen turn into mini indoor gardens by growing other plants such as flowers or herbs. Thanks to the good conditions of warm and dry kitchen rooms, your plant can grow well just with your basic care. What’s more, you can get an unlimited fresh supply of your favorite herbs by growing them on a sunny windowsill. If you love these ideas, its’ time to find plants you love and start your kitchen garden.

#1 String of Pearls

Image Credits: House Of Chais

#2 Haning Spider Plant

Image Credits: Ricky Freudenstein

#3 An English Ivy Pot On High Shelf

Image Credits: Coco Lapine Design

#4 Mini Garden Herb in Wooden Box

Image Credits: Bhg

#5 Orchid Flowers on Windowsill

Image Credits: Lushome

#6 Lovely Pink Flower in A White Pot

Image Credits: Hikari.handmade

#7 Potted Lemon Plant and other Houseplants

Image Credits: Andreas Mikkel Hansen

#8 A Vines and Other Plants Collection

Image Credits: Clickjaw

#9 Wandering Jew Plant

Image Credits: House Of Chais

#10 Vines in Hanging Baskets and Mini Plant Pots

Image Credits: Unknow

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