Interesting Ways To Upcycle Old Junk In Your Garden

Have you ever thought of reusing old items in your home yet? If not yet, after reading the article you will be inspired! Throwing them away, if you do that, is actually a waste. There are many ways to reuse old household items instead of throwing them in the trash. And in the article today, we are happy to share 12 interesting ways to upcycle old junk in your garden that you will fall in love with.

Taking them a look, you will see that all of them look so cute, and impressive. Reusing old objects by the house into the garden helps reduce clutter as well as protects the environment. They are perfect for those who love creativity. They are ready to get new missions, and you? Let start!

#1 Old Tires For Growing Flowers

Millions of scrap car and truck tires are generated each year, and they pile up in vacant plots and solid waste management facilities. You can avoid adding to the already heavy load by recycling at least a few of them in your garden. You can certainly grow beautiful and aromatic flowers and paint the tires in bright colors for a modern and fresh look, or leave them in their natural color.

#2 Terracotta Mosaic Birdbath

You can recycle old terracotta pots and their drip trays into this highly functional birdbath. You can attach the mosaic tray to the top of your pot-tower with cement or silicone glue. Fill it with water and be ready to welcome some feathered beauties.

#3 Old Boots For Planters

Don’t throw out your old boots, let give them a new mission. You can paint them any color or leave them as they are. Don’t’ forget to provide good drainage. Drill a few holes into the soles of the boots and fill them up with potting soil. Plant seeds or seedlings and arrange them in a place where they get plenty of sunshine. You can nail them up on wooden gates or fences or keep them on benches.

#4 Colander Planter

Old colanders make excellent planters because you need not drill any holes in them. Just give a coat of paint to their exterior (if you like). And then grow your favorite plants like ferns, trailing plants and succulents, these plants require good drainage so they are great choices.

#5 Old Jeans Planters

Denim is such a durable material that you can grow vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and radishes, and salad greens, if they are smaller, you can grow some flower to decorate and arrange on the window sill or against a fence or wall.

#6 Cup And Saucer Bird Feeders

This is a great way to reuse old teacup instead of throwing them out.

#7 Tin/Aluminum Can Bird Feeder

Rather than toss your cans in the trash or the recycling bin, consider repurposing them for the birds. It is very simple to create hanging bird feeders. Fill with birdseed and watch birds feeding on it, happily perched on the twig.

#8 Baby Bathtub Lily Pond

Baby bathtubs are made of good quality plastic, but babies outgrow them all too fast. If you have one laying around, repurpose it in the garden to make a delightful little lily pond like this

#9 Wheelbarrow Planter

Even rusty old wheelbarrows with gaping holes and immovable wheels can turn into beautiful planters.

#10 Pallet Garden Furniture

Pallets are lightweight and just right for making garden furniture that you may want to move around occasionally.

#11 Old Desk For Seed Starting

Old desks with several drawers filled with odds and ends that you no longer need can be repurposed for the garden. Empty the desk and move it to a shaded portion of the garden. Give it a coat of paint to protect it from the elements if desired.

#12 Glass Bottles For Flower Bed Edging

If you have lots of glass bottles lying around, use them to make a neat, yet eye-catching border for your flower beds. Bottles in blue, green, and amber can make it more interesting. This is a simple recycling project for the whole family, including young children, can take part.

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