Most Beautiful Plants Can Bloom All Summer

Spring is the time of all flowers, it is a great period to show their beauty in the wind. However, in the scorching summer days, there are still a lot of other flower species that also can show off their own beauty in the harsh sunshine. And if you want to bring the breath of brilliant summer into your garden design, you can plant the following flowers below.

The hot weather with the temperature rising makes most gardeners find it rather tiring to work in the garden. Therefore, planting both annuals and perennials that bloom profusely throughout the season is extremely necessary and useful. Growing them in your garden will bring benefits that good for you such as regulate the air, reduce the temperature, bring psychological comfort, and human health. Check them right now.

#1 Hydrangeas

A profusion of long-lasting blooms starting from spring. The large flower heads keep coming all through summer and continue to adorn the plants long after the blooming season is over. They are propagated from cuttings, and they should be sited carefully taking into consideration the amount of sun and water they would receive. They prefer morning sun and afternoon shade in places with very warm summers but can take full sun for most of the day in cooler regions.

#2 Zinnias

Zinnias love warmth, so they are reliable summer bloomers, filling the garden with long lasting flowers in jewel colors. Grow these annuals in a sunny location. They flourish in hot weather but appreciate regular watering and feeding.

#3 Gaillardia

Gaillardia is another summer flowering plant that never seems to get tired of blooming all through the season and beyond. These short-lived perennials live longer if they are divided every 2-3 years. There are annual gaillardias too, which can be easily started from seeds.

#4 Globe Amaranth

The compact mounds of globe amaranth are usually covered in globular flowerheads all through summer and fall since they continue to persist on the plants. Purple is the most common and popular color, but you can find them in light pink, lilac, white and red too.

#5 Petunia

They grown as annuals have one of the longest flowering seasons, right from mid-spring to late fall.

#6 Rose Of Sharon/Hardy Hibiscus

Rose of Sharon is a perennial hibiscus. Grow hardy hibiscus in rich, well-draining soil in a sunny location. They appreciate some afternoon shade in areas with hot summers. Keep the soil moist with regular watering and mulching. Give it an occasional feeding to help the plant continue the flower production.

#7 Coreopsis

Commonly called Tickseed, the low growing coreopsis is an old-time favorite. It is actually a perennial in warmer regions but is more often grown as an annual elsewhere. Grow coreopsis in a sunny area. They are great as ground covers and bedding plants.

#8 Marigold (Tagetes)

Often grown in vegetable gardens to keep off pests, French Marigolds are well known to gardeners. They love warm weather and bloom continuously from spring until the first frost. They are easily grown from seeds, but the seeds collected from hybrids may not give the expected results. Use them as bedding plants in sunny areas. Regular watering is a must.

#9 Yarrow

They can add color and variety to your summer garden with their long blooming season. Its leaves also are an asset, not to mention the medicinal value of the herb. Grow in full sun, but make sure that it stays within limits. The flat-topped flower heads look good in flower arrangements, so keep cutting them off to reduce self-seeding.

#10 Purple Coneflower / Echinacea

Flowering all through summer and into fall, its flowers can be harvested for making an herbal tea. In fact, all parts of the plant have medicinal properties.

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