Stunning Straight Plants To Grow Indoors

Looking for something special to decorate your home but you haven’t any ideas yet. You are reading the right post, here you will get great recommendations that you are sure to love. That is Straight Houseplants! They will beautify your home by acquiring just a little space and looking great in corners. So, they are perfect for urban homes and add color to the decor without requiring too much room. Keep reading on for 11 of our straight houseplants today to find what plant you love and fit the area of your home.

When it comes to decorating a house, no design element makes a statement in your home quite like straight plants. They could serve as the focal point for a room, add a pop of verdant color, and lend a green space. Whether you’re looking for a plant that can place on a tabletop or a more compact specimen that can add drama to a small space, there’s a straight houseplant to fit your needs. They are collected here and waiting for you to explore.

#1 Pickle Plant

The Pickle Plant is quite an attractive specimen that grows straight and produces purple-green, patterned pencil-like stems and soft spines along the sides.

#2 Snake Plant

This plant has straight, sword-like foliage has a thick texture, and an upright growing pattern.

#3 African Milk Tree

It is a slow-growing, tall, and evergreen spiny succulent that can attain a height of 3-7 feet indoors. It enjoys bright light but not direct sun and is easy to care for.

#4 Bamboo

This fast-growing straight houseplant is easy to maintain indoors as long as you provide it the right position and care.

#5 Madagascar Dragon Tree

This plant has stiff, red-purple foliage on straight slim stems.

#6 Coarctata Haworthia

This Coarctata Haworthia has an upright growth pattern and shows off pointed leaves tightly clumped together with a speckled white outer layer.

#7 Vriesea Flaming Sword

This Vriesea Flaming Sword looks spectacular with its red sword-like flower head that can grow up to 2-3 feet tall. The flower of the plant only grows in an upright fashion.

#8 Yucca

Yucca looks like a miniature palm tree. This dwarf tree grows slowly and takes years to take up your space.

#9 Kentia Palm

This Kentia Palm is a slow-grower and can attain a maximum height of 10 feet. The plant grows straight and its fronds have a bit of a spread.

#10 Victoria

The Victoria grows straight with slender leaves patterned in yellow stripes.

#11 Narrow Leaf Bird of Paradise

This variety has reed-shaped foliage, which isn’t like banana leaves. It grows straight and makes for a great choice for corners.

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