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The Best Beautiful Vines and Climbers You Can Grow Easily Indoors

The Best Beautiful Vines and Climbers You Can Grow Easily Indoors

Do you know that indoor vine plants and climbing plants are great houseplants to bring nature into your home environment? Not just that they are great complementation to decor any of your interiors. They can be used in hanging baskets, trained to climb, or just put in a pot on a high shelf, it depends on your desire. So, in the post today, we will introduce the 19 Best Beautiful Vines and Climbers that you can grow easily indoors as well as enjoy green space right in your home.

Most of them are the best indoor climbing vine plants that are easy to grow and look after. In order to help your vine indoor plants grow well, simply giving them a basic growth condition of the soil, water, sun, and other essential nutrients. All detailed information from the names, pictures, to descriptions has been provided to help you identify draping plants you can grow them in the right ways. If you want to them become a part of your living space, it’s time to grab a pretty pot and some soil, and ready to get started.

#1 Black-Eyed Susan Vine

Image Credits: Pinterest

Black-eyed Susan vine can be grown indoors and add a dramatic appeal to your rooms. It loves a lot of suns near your window!

#2 Inch Plant

Image Credits: Balconygardenweb

Inch Plant has beautiful trailing stems with attractive zebra-patterned foliage. It grows well for a pot or hanging basket.

#3 Jasmine

Image Credit: Whiteflowerfarm

Jasmine loves a bright spot where it gets direct sunlight daily for its growth and then it will offer the most fragrant vines as a great natural gift.

#4 Green Coins

Image Credits: Underleaf-plants

Green Coins have tiny leaves with a unique shade of red on the backside, they contrast beautifully with the red-brown stems.

#5 Pothos

Image Credits: Patchplants

Pothos are so easy to grow, they can grow without receiving direct sunlight. So, it still can grow well in low light and needs moist soil.

#6 Rex Begonia Vine

Image Credits: Balconygardenweb

Rex Begonia Vine has unique attractive heart-shaped leaves with its frosty silver patterns and red undersides.

#7 String of Nickels

Image Credits: Reddit

The String of Nickels has beautiful and round, coin-like leaves on the cascading vines. It offers fleshy foliage and looks awesome in your hanging baskets.

#8 Arrowhead Plant

Image Credits: Instagram

Arrowhead Plant prefers to be in a spot that is bright and moderate watering to avoid root rot.

#9 String of Pearls

Image Credits: Wayfair

The string of Pearls tolerates prolonged drought and grow well in a bright light position.

#10 Wax Ivy

Image Credits: Etsy

The Wax Ivy looks quite smashing with its flexible stems with pointy, glossy foliage.

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