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Top 11 Vegetables That Can Grow Well In Containers

Top 11 Vegetables That Can Grow Well In Containers

Growing in containers is one of the best ideas for those who love green vegetables but don’t have space or a garden. With the growing method, your vegetables not only grow well but also help you control pests and diseases easier. Containers are obviously not just for limited spaces, they can also offer a valuable alternative if your soil is too poor to grow in.

If you want to own a little garden, producing plants in containers might be your first taste of growing your own food. From the chives in the big garden containers to mint and coriander sitting on the kitchen windowsill, these experiences might become the first to pique your interest in gardening. However, herbs are not the only choices for your container garden, there are some vegetables for container growers and promise to provide the best yields. And here are the Top 11 Vegetables That Can Grow Well In Containers that you could take a look at.

#1 Kale

Source: Hgvt

Kale is packed full of nutrients and is a perfect vegetable for container life. Just some about 3 to 4 plants, you can treat family delicious salad per week. Your container requires at least a 12-inch diameter and well-draining.

#2 Onions

Source: Balconygardenweb

Onions grow well in containers, especially green onions. They are long and thin that makes them become ideal choices for growing in containers.

#3 Beets

Source: Gardenhelpful

Beets are perfectly suited for growing in small spaces. You just need to give them a fairly deep pot to develop freely. In order to encourage adequate root growth, you should choose a pot with 10 to 12 inches of depth is ideal.

#4 Chili Peppers

Source: Balconygardenweb

Chili peppers not only grow well in containers but also they are perfect for spicing up small spaces. They can give both productive and pretty as long as you give them a sunny and warm place to grow.

#5 Spinach

Source: Quiet-corner

Like leaf lettuce, spinach is also made for life in a container. It has shallow roots so you don’t need to find a very deep pot. Also, it thrives in partial shade and in any kind of space, even on your windowsill.

#6 Chard

Source: Shellknoblakegirl

Chard is one of the best crops for container gardening. It is fast-growing and productive that makes an easy and delicious potted crop. Also, it offers a beautiful leafy and colorful bouquet so it’s superb for growing in your containers.

#7 Sweet Peppers

Source: Balconygardenweb

Sweet Peppers are ideal for growing in containers thanks to their small size, and they’ll be ready to enjoy in only 55-60 days. This plant grows well in full sun without support.

#8 Beans

Source: Kitchen-garden

Beans have attractive foliage and flowers that make them are a great addition to any balcony or courtyard. There are 2 ways to grow this vegetable. You can grow bush bean variety in a container without any extra support, or you can choose to grow a climbing variety, and run pole beans up a trellis to make the most of your vertical space.

#9 Tomatoes

Source: Gardenzeus

Tomatoes are one of the most cheerful vegetables in containers as long as they get enough sunlight, so a roof terrace or a sunny windowsill is perfect for them.

#10 Radishes

Source: Cleangreensimple

Radishes grow well in even the smallest container. You just scatter some seeds in the container and water regularly, they will grow into a radish-ing potted plant.

#11 Lettuce

Source: Hgvt

Lettuce has its shallow root system and easy-going nature that is absolutely ideal for growing in small and shady spaces.

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