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Unique Black Vegetables To Grow In The Garden

Do you know that growing black vegetables is also a great way to make your garden stand out? If you want to add a special color to your garden, black vegetables are an excellent choice. In the article, we will share the list of Unique Black Vegetables To Grow In The Garden. In addition to owning a strange dark color, they easily impress your friends and family when containing high in nutrients such as vitamins, protein, fiber content minerals that are good for human health.

They are delicious and tasty when be cooked, but they will lose their color. So, there are some of them that you can eat raw in salads to keep preserving their beautiful dark color. Besides, like other vegetables, they are easy to grow with requiring basic care. For these good reasons, it’s time to spend space and grow some types of these red vegetables for your garden. We are sure that both their beautiful look and quality will keep you satisfied.

#1 Tomatoes (Black Beauty Tomatoes)

Black Beauty Tomatoes not only look good but they’re also packed with nutrients.

#2 Carrots (Black Nebula)

Black carrots are black on the outside and a very dark purple color on the inside. They do best when the seeds are planted directly in the veggie garden.

#3 Corn (Heirloom Black Corn)

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Corn is an easy vegetable plant to grow and there are some beautiful black varieties available.

#4 Radishes (Black radishes)

Black radishes have a dark-colored exterior and they’re white on the inside. They grow fast and you’ll be able to harvest them in 4 to 5 weeks after planting.

#5 Black Eggplant

Eggplants are beautiful vegetable plants that come in a range of colors like black, dark purple, and light purple. Try alternating white eggplants and black eggplants in the garden for an interesting effect.

#6 Black Peppers

Black peppers are attractive garden plants. They grow well in warm temperatures and prefer a position in full sun.

#7 Black Pumpkin

Black pumpkins have a black exterior with yellow flesh on the inside. They grow best in full sun

#8 Cherry Tomatoes

Black cherry tomatoes produce large clusters of small, round, deep purple/black fruits with a delicious flavor. They’re fast-growing, so you can harvest in about 2 months after planting.

#9 Zucchini

Zucchini is a type of summer squash. It has dark green, almost black skin and it makes a great addition to the vegetable garden.

#10 Tiny Coban Tomatillo

Tiny Coban Tomatillo can grow over 6 feet tall and require a lot of sunlight but give you high yields.

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