Water Flowers Grow in Vases and Containers To Place Indoor

Water Flowers Grow in Vases and Containers To Place Indoor

You want to grow indoor plants without worrying about the mess of soil. Lucky for you, there are some plant can thrive water and don’t need any soil or potting. And in the post today, we’ve listed them and will share them with you. They are easy to care for and planted into glass jars, vases, fish bowls, or terrariums to place anywhere in your homes such as on tabletop or corner. Let’s find out 10 water plants that grow in water without soil!

They not only give you a clean look because they are grown in vases or containers but also offer beautiful flowers with vivid color to stand out all your living space. Not just that, growing these water plants will bring some benefits. For example, most of them require the least maintenance, create almost no mess, and most of these plants are also disease and pest-resistant. It’s time to try growing these water plants in your containers and vases and enjoy their natural beauty at right your home.

#1 Water Hyacinth

Water hyacinth is a beautiful floating plant that drifts on the surface of the water.

#2 Caribbean Spider Lily

The elegant pure white vanilla fragrant flowers open up in shape similar to huge spiders.

#3 Dwarf Iris

This semi-aquatic plant favor shallow water that adequately covers its crown.

#4 Tulips

Tulip bulbs can also be grown in the water by choosing healthy, large, firm bulbs.

#5 Hyacinth

You can grow hyacinth bulbs in a water-filled transparent vase.

#6 Amaryllis

Amaryllis is an ornamental bulbous plant that can be grown in the water without soil.

#7 Water Snowflake

Water Snowflake is a member of the water lily family. It has small leaves and blooms similar to lilies that resemble snowflakes floating on the water.

#8 Perry’s Baby Red

The Perry’s Baby Red is a lovely variety that displays scented red double-blooms with ornamental pads. T

#9 Miniature Yellow Waterlily

Miniature Yellow Waterlily offers upward-curving yellow petaled, cup-shaped flowers and round green leaves.

#10 Lotus

Growing lotus in a medium-sized container is possible. Just make sure that you are lining up the bottom with 3-5 inches of soil so that the tuber stays buried while the flower floats atop water.

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