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10 Annual Flowers For Winter

Most gardeners hate the long winter months because they think that they must stop seeing the beautiful look of flowers and plants in nature. Don’t worry, some beautiful plants still bloom in the winter, even they will give the best of the best gorgeous flowers to brighten up your boring and cold garden. To know more about them, keep reading below with us.

And in the post today, we are so happy to introduce a list of 10 annual flowers for winter to grow in your garden as well as share the right ways to grow them such as the requirement of light, soil type, and temperatures. So, your garden not only has pretty flowers but also are easy to care for. With any plant that you put in your landscaping, they will bring beauty there.

#1 Pansy

Plant pansies in the fall and they will reward you with blooms in the late winter. You can find this flattened face-like flower in a variety of different colors.

#2 Calendula

Calendulas love cold weather and will bloom until the hot days of summer. It is not, however, frost-tolerant. Choose a sunny spot for this flower where it will get at least six hours of sun daily, and it will reward you with beautiful yellow or peach blooms.

#3 Dianthus

Often called sweet william, you will love these flowers that are available in several different colors with reds and pinks being the most popular. This choice for gardeners in zones 6 to 9 often will keep blooming until summer.

#4 Snapdragon

You may need to mulch around snapdragons in the winter to help them overwinter in zones 7 to 10. This plant that can grow up to 4-feet-tall produces dragon-shaped, tubular, two-lipped, closed flowers.

#5 Sweet Alyssum

Gow this seed directly into the ground in late August, and you will have dense white clusters of sweetly fragrant, tiny, white four-petaled flowers throughout the winter.

#6 Cyclamen

This plant that blooms throughout the winter puts on a solitary flower that is red or pink in November and will keep blooming until April. It needs regular feeding and watering while it is blooming, but once it is done, then stop feeding and water it infrequently.

#7 Swiss Chard

Swiss chard grows up to 24-inches-tall in zones two to 11, so almost everyone can grow this winter bloomer as an annual. It produces small green flowers in its second year, but it is mainly grown for its green leaves.

#8 French marigold (Tagetes patula)

French marigold is a compact annual that blooms from June to the first hard frost. Most plants produce yellow or orange flowers, but red and purple options are also available.

#9 Nemesia

Nemesia thrives in zones 2 to 11, but you need to provide some afternoon shade, except in the coldest climates. Plant this option in humus, evenly moist, well-drained soils, and be rewarded with two-lipped tubular flowers in late winter and early spring.

#10 Sweet Pea (Lathyrus odoratus)

This sun-loving plant thrives in zones 2 to 11. Deadhead the flowers after they bloom to encourage new blooms to appear. Fragrant, keeled flowers have traditionally been purple, but you can now find sweet peas in various colors.

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