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20 Unique Alternative Christmas Trees

Christmas is everyone’s favorite time of year. Most of us always love decorating our homes with traditional Christmas trees. But sometimes we also will want to add a little more uniqueness! And the 20 Unique Alternative Christmas Trees will spark some creativity and set up something fun and festive in a different room of your house or small space décor to surprise your guests.

These alternative Christmas trees provide a unique way to help spread holiday cheer while fitting into your home and lifestyle without actually bringing a Christmas tree home. They are fun and eco-friendly projects to create a festive feeling at home without contributing to all the holiday waste because they are made out of unused and readily available items at home. From old tires, bottles, and pallets, to papers, all bring joyful, festive spirit to make your own Christmas trees. Keep reading to check out the most inspiring Christmas tree alternatives you can try.

#1 Outdoor Old Tire Christmas Tree

Source: Prettyann Mendez

#2 Empty Glass Bottle Christmas Tree

Source: Carlaaston

#3 Cork Christmas Tree

Source: Flickr

#4 Beach-Themed Christmas Tree

Source: Thespruce

#5 Old Book Christmas Tree

Source: Hellowonderful

#6 Wall Christmas Tree

Source: Mamaandmore

#7 PVC Pipe Christmas Tree

Source: Lushome

#8 String Light Christmas Tree

Source: Sweethings

#9 Ladder Christmas Tree Idea

Source: Deavita

#10 Wood Slice Christmas Tree

Source: 2beesinapod

#11 Old Wooden Crate Christmas Tree

Source: Vivzone

#12 Pallet Christmas Tree

Source: Discover.hubpages

#13 Family Photo Display Create A Wall Christmas Tree

Source: Stylecurator

#14 Twig Christmas Tree

Source: Pinterest

#15 Book Page Christmas Tree

Source: Loveoffamilyandhome

#16 Another Pallet Christmas Tree

Source: Discover.hubpages

#17 Driftwood Christmas Tree

Source: Dbackdrop

#18 Toilet Paper Christmas Tree

Source: Pinterest

#19 Pinecone Christmas Tree

Source: Craft.ideas2live4

#20 Plastic Bottle Christmas Tree For Yard

Source: Chamara Wijerama

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