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10 Beautiful Indoor Vertical Gardens From Glass Tubes and Jars

Have you ever tried to use old jars or glass tubes into beautiful planters to enhance your interior yet? If not yet, after reading this post today, let’s try some, you will fall in love for the first time. The simple reason, they are so cool and pretty. And here are 10 indoor vertical garden ideas made with jars and glass tubes. It’s time to check them out with us!

All you need is glass tubes and jars to complete. It is so easy, right? But it doesn’t stop that when these projects just require only water as a growing medium, which means you don’t need to do a lot of care. The next weekend is upcoming, and it is a great time to make one for your house. So, let’s save and make, they promise to keep you amazed!

#1 Glass Vase Planters

This idea made by fixing some glass bottles or jars on wooden frames by means of hose clamps, and then fill them with water, and place cuttings of climbers like pothos or philodendron. Can use fake plants for decoration as well if you want.

#2 Hanging Glass Terrarium Planters

Hang glass planters from the ceiling through rope, it will look fabulous. You can grow cuttings in them to create a charming look indoors. Hanging a less windy spot for this DIY.

#3 Climbers and other Ferns in Multiple Test Tubes

This green wall was made using Ikea spice racks. You can do something similar as well.

#4 Wall Hanging Plants

You can display fake or real plants on a hanging wooden board. if you want it can brighten your house, let’s add LED lights in glass jars for a glowing effect.

#5 Hanging Glass Pentagon Pots

You can grow plants in the water in unique bowls or plastic jars by attaching them to the wall.

#6 Wall Hanging Bottle Vase

This is an excellent arrangement of wall hanging bottle vases by putting cut flowers and cuttings of plants to create a tasteful combination. If you want to keep this maintenance-free, put fake plants in them.

#7 Designer Wall Hanging Planter

Find a plastic rack like that to keep glass bottles of different sizes and grow pothos in them.

#8 Glass Flower Pots

These wall hanging flower pots with a circular cutout can easily be hanged on walls using a plastic hook.

#9 Glass Bottles on Twisted Wires

Hang glass bottles on walls using wires in a spiral shape to give a unique look to them. Great for propagating herb or indoor plant cuttings in water.

#10 Hydroponic Wall Vases

Glass vases on wooden boards will make for an eye-catching combination to display fake plants or real ones.

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