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10 Beautiful Night Blooming Flowers

Flower types are not only for daylight times, there are some flowering plants that can bloom at night without requiring sunlight. So, instead of enjoying day-blooming flowers, you also can see the beauty of flowers after dusk. they. And in this list today, we’ve collected 22 of the best beautiful flowers that can bloom at night for bringing a new life to your outdoor space. Spend your time exploring their natural beauty.

Apart from owning unique beauty, they are extremely fragrant to provide a natural, sweet-smelling ambiance. There is nothing better than sitting on your front porch or on your patio and seeing them gently swaying in the wind under a moonlit sky and breathing in the fragrance, right? By planting at least a few night-blooming plants in your garden, you can enjoy your garden just as much at night as you do during the day.

#1 Gardenia Augusta

Source: Lakesideplants

This flower is a member of the coffee family and grows in zone 11a. It displays white flowers on an evergreen shrub. You can grow it indoors for a great plant year-round in your living space.

#2 Dragon Fruit Flowers

Source: Urbantropicals

This plant produces huge flowers and blooms on just one night a year. After the flowers fade, their edible fruits appear, then when they mature and are ripe, you can just those fruits for jams, candies, and other sweets.

#3 Evening Primrose

Source: Trulyexperiences

Evening Primrose grows well in zones 4 to 8 and brings a great night bloom. Each plant features a goblet-shaped flower that can be pink, white, or yellow in color.

#4 Moonflowers

Source: Outsidepride

This vining plant can grow up to 10 feet tall. It produces large white flowers that give off a magical scent.

#5 Chocolate Daisy

Source: Leightonphotography

This Chocolate Daisy is a native North American and grows well in zones 5 to 11. This plant is an easy herb to grow because they require very little water. It brings bright yellow flowers surrounded by a maroon center and gives off a chocolate fragrance.

#6 Four O’ Clocks

Source: Sandiegoseedcompany

Four O’ Clocks grows well in zones 7 to 10. Its flowers can be found in various colors including white, yellow, pink, magenta, and red.

#7 Night Gladiolus

Source: Mygreengardening

The beautiful creamy-yellow flowers of the Night Gladiolus attract butterflies and also has a spicy fragrance. It grows in zones 7 to 10 and each flower can grow up to 4 feet tall.

#8 Queen of the Night

Source: Houseplantcentral

known as the orchid cactus as the Queen of the Night is from the cactus family and does well in zones 9 to 12. It puts on gorgeous white flowers that bloom at night and wilt in the morning.

#9 Casa Blanca Lily

Source: Edenbrothers

This flowering plant thrives in zones 5 to 10 and features large white flowers. Its flowers can be cut for bouquets and flower arrangements. The plant requires sun during the day to produce their blossoms at night while their roots favor in a shaded area.

#10 Datura

Source: Meetyogajudith

Datura is a perennial that produces beautiful white trumpet-like flowers, but there are some plants producing purple blooms. When getting the right condition, it can achieve 2 feet tall and 10 feet wide.

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