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10 Best Hanging Plants That Tolerate Low Light Indoors

If you are finding plants that grow well in your small and low-lit rooms, the 10 Best Hanging Plants That Tolerate Low Light Indoors will be perfect options. Growing plant in hanging baskets is a great way to add green life and beauty to every room, whether it be in your house or office. However, those spaces often don’t get much natural light that many plants need, so you will have to choose low-light plants to fit that environment. And the list has everything you need to know to get the most out of your spaces in the home.

We’ve included easiest-to-grow plants such as english ivy, peperomia, chinese evergreen for low light conditions. As you can see, they are the best hanging plants indoors that will grow well in pots and baskets and can be incorporated beautifully into all spaces. You just get some hanging baskets and give them care properly, they will cascade their stems down creating a beautiful waterfall effect, and you will have a little haven of natural beauty, like under the canopies of trees.

#1 English Ivy

Source: Plants

English Ivy shows off green lobed leaves with creamy edges that spill charming over the edges when grown in hanging baskets, making this evergreen plant look super stunning in low-lit corners.

#2 Peperomia

Source: Mashtalegypt

Peperomia is an excellent companion for hanging baskets when putting on heart-shaped leaves with a range of colors gray, red, green, and cream hues. It can endure low indirect light in your living space.

#3 Chinese Evergreen

Source: Etsy

Chinese Evergreen is a stunning hanging indoor plant that adapts well to all conditions.

#4 Donkey’s Tail

Source: Myplantcare

Donkey’s Tail is from the succulent family that can reach 2-4 feet long, it brings a unique beauty with dangling fat stems covered in beautiful gray-green leaves.

#5 String of Pearls

Source: Nearlynatural

This plant also is a part of the succulent family, it bears pearl-like plumped leaves. It favors growing in spots that have filtered light. Also, avoid watering it every day for happy growth.

#6 Spider Plant

Source: Carousell

This runner plant dangles beautifully over the rims of hanging baskets with its cream-white leaves. It can adjust well to any environment.

#7 String of Bananas

Source: Reddit

The string of Bananas is a training succulent and grows best at normal room temperature. It looks beautiful with small, plump banana-shaped leaves spilled down the rims of hanging baskets.

#8 Pothos

Source: Shopterrain

The heart-shaped variegated leaves of the Pothos plant look adorable in hanging baskets. It not only grows well in low-light spaces but also brings house owners health benefits thanks to its indoor air-purifying ability.

#9 Syngonium

Source: Dobbies

Syngonium does well in low-light rooms, at the same time giving a gorgeous look in hanging baskets to liven up indoor boring spaces.

#10 Philodendron

Source: Eureka-farms

Philodendron performs in any condition as long as gets some indirect light once in a while, making this plant ideal for low-light rooms.

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