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10 Best Herbs To Grow In The Fall

When it comes to growing plants, most of you will think of Spring, the season of growth. However, you will also grow your favorite plants in another season, and late summer and fall are also prime planting times for trees, shrubs, perennials, and herbs. Yes, it is herbs that we want to share in the post today. There are many herbs to plant in fall – annuals, biennials, and perennials. Here are 10 herbs to plant in your garden in the fall. You also can grow them in containers if you lack space. Learn about them with us!

These are easy to grow with requiring little effort from gardeners. Each has its own growth properties so they also need to have different care. For example, many perennial herbs like thyme and oregano prefer well-drained soil that’s not overly fertile, the below annual herbs grow best when given compost and regular irrigation. If you know exactly what they want, you will have a bountiful harvest with a lot of tasty herbs to serve dishes on daily meals, even you can share for neighbors or sale.

#1 Parsley

Of all the herbs, parsley is the one perfect for growth. Parsley’s ease of cultivation and versatility in the kitchen make it a prime candidate for a list of herbs to plant in fall. Because parsley is a biennial, the plants begin to flower the following spring.

#2 Chervil

Chervil foliage looks a lot like parsley, but with a slightly more delicate appearance. It’s very ornamental when planted in fall containers too. Get a jump-start by sowing the seed indoors under grow-lights in late summer, moving them outside to beds or pots in early autumn. Expect the plants to grow about a foot tall in a fall or winter garden, but in a spring or summer garden, they can reach heights up to two-feet.

#3 Cilantro

Because my spring-planted cilantro tends to bolt quickly, my best season for cilantro is autumn. Cilantro is partial to the short days and cooler temperatures of fall and won’t bolt as fast as it does in spring and summer. Sow the seeds in pots, window-boxes, or garden beds from early to mid-autumn, harvesting often.

#4 Sage

Sage is a beautiful plant with gray-green leaves but when it flowers in early summer, it also becomes a pollinator plant, attracting countless butterflies and bees to the garden. It can be susceptible to winter damage but covering the plant with evergreen boughs in late autumn helps insulate it over winter.

#5 Thyme

Thyme is the perfect perennial herb for the edge of an herb garden. It’s low-growing and spreading, and is very drought tolerant. Its tiny flowers are extremely bee-friendly, and the leaves have a wonderful fragrance and flavor.

#6 Marjoram

This savory perennial herb is one of the best herbs you can plant in fall. Just be sure to tuck it in beds by early to mid-autumn which gives it time to set roots before winter.

#7 Chives

Chives are perhaps the easiest and most reliable perennial herb to grow. And, they’re on this list of herbs to plant in fall because they’re so easily dug up and divided to be shared and re-planted.

#8 Lavender

When planting lavender in fall, aim to plant six to eight weeks before the soil freezes so the plants have time to settle in. To protect the plant during its first winter, mulch in late autumn with evergreen boughs or a layer of straw.

#9 Greek Oregano

Common oregano is reliably perennial and not only returns each year but self-sows with abandon. Harvest often, drying the leaves for your herb cupboard or use fresh from the garden.

#10 Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm grows well in full sun to partial shade and is suited to fall planting. It loves rich, moist soil so water regularly if there has been no rain.

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