10 Carrot Companion Plants To Support Its Growth

Growing companion plants will bring some benefits such as protect your plants from pests, helps the plants to flourish. That is the purpose of companion planting. In addition to encouraging growth, they also help support the yield, the taste of the plants and works on attracting pollinators. Plus, the companion plant method gives you more fresh veggies as well as makes the most of the space of your garden. For good reasons, growing companion plants to boost your plant as well as harvest a high yield is a great method for any gardener.

And in the post today, we will write about companion plants of carrots that are great for best yield and taste. A wide range of their good friends are carrots, basil, lettuce, spinach…and more, they are good friends to help your carrots grow healthy as well as promise a bountiful harvest as you want. Let’s get into the best carrot companion plants below.

#1 Onions

Source: Kellogggarden

Full sun and regular watering are the same love of onions and carrots. Also, they enjoy cooler temperatures together and will be ready for harvest in three months.

#2 Nasturtiums

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Nasturtiums can be grown close to your carrots, enjoying similar conditions. They prefer well-draining soil that makes it a perfect companion for your carrots.

#3 Legumes

Source: Lsdaynursery

Legumes such as beans, peas, and lentils, are great companion plants for carrots. These plants help change nitrogen into a usable form for plants. At the same time, the increased nitrogen aids in foliage growth.

#4 Sage

Source: Almanac

Sage has a scent that is not only great for your nose but also masks the smell of carrots, ultimately preventing carrot flies from finding your carrots and settling into the roots.

#5 Leeks

Source: Organicgardener

Leeks and carrot is a mutually beneficial pair. Leeks shoo away carrot flies, carrots deter leek moths. Both carrots and leeks need slightly acidic soil that is loose and drains well. Even better, leeks have shallow roots, leaving respectable space for their partner to thrive.

#6 Lettuce

Source: Thespruce

Lettuce has shallow roots, with the majority of the plant growing above ground. This leaves enough space for carrots to grow. Besides, they share the same love for well-drained, rich soil, thriving with a regular watering routine.

#7 Tomatoes

Source: Harvesttotable

Tomatoes have a protective nature by their foliage and their ability to enhance carrot flavor. Their thick foliage helps protect tomato fruits from sunscald, whilst keeping the plant cool. When grown alongside carrots, it’ll offer the same protection.

#8 Chives

Source: Howtoplantyourgarden

Like onions, chives deter carrot flies with their smell. In addition, they share the same love for full sun and regular watering.

#9 Radishes

Source: Rhs

Radish thrives in all USDA zones, so it also flourishes in the same conditions as carrots, and you can interplant both. Besides, they grow much quicker than carrots, creating even more space for carrots to thrive once harvested.

#10 Rosemary

Source: Gardenersworld

Like sage, rosemary also uses its scent to keep carrot flies stay away from your carrots.

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