10 Fabulous Ideas For Outdoor Lighting

10 Fabulous Ideas For Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting adds more charm (and elegance) to your house, especially at night time. A party or gathering dinner would be incomplete with these lights. Even if it’s just a normal day without any outdoor activity, your house will be still much charming. Lay a bench and a coffee table in the garden, patio or backyard, you can enjoy a good drink and get relaxed here. Life would be more enjoyable then!

Here are 10 fabulous ideas for outdoor lighting I would like to share you guys. Candles, DIY tin can lanterns, string lights, spot lights,… there are many for you to consider. Just give them a try to make our home cozier. Some of them are incredibly easy to decorate while some need more skills and budget. Just pick out one that fits your house. Here we go!

#1 Outdoor Pathway Lights

How would you feel when walking a long a gorgeous pathway with lights? A fairy land is already here. I’ve visited a house that had a vintage style pathway. It mesmerized me immediately. Charming, stunning,… there are many good words to describe it. Many modern houses offer luxurious pathway with lights. It also blows the mind of the guests away.

#2 Outdoor String Lights On Wall and Fence

It’s super easy to install string lights on outside wall and fence. It makes these twinkling at night time. Provide your patio or backyard with these lights, you can definitely hold birthday parties and small family gatherings here.

#3 Led And Solar Globe String Lights

These led and solar globe string lights not only fits the outdoor space of coffee shops but are also great for your outdoor patio and backyard seating area.  They promise to be striking where they’re installed. Perfect place to relax after a long day.

#4 Directional Up Lights and Down Lights

Directional lights (or spot lights) are also listed here. They are used for up or down lighting. Up lights shine up at tree, wall, garden plants and planters. Both up lights and down lights makes the landscape more stylish. If you want something more creative to light the outside space, just these these directional lights a go.

#5 Outdoor Lighting For Steps and Railings

Steps and and railings need to have well lit for safety reasons. There are many types you can consider such as path lights, hanging lights, and in ground lights.

#6 Tiki Torch Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Another outdoor lighting idea for parties and gatherings is to use a Tiki torch.  It’s inexpensive and easy to make, and fits for camping.

#7 In Ground Outdoor Lighting

In ground lights are often used for patio, deck or gravel to up light trees, plants, building walls, and structures. It adds more charm to your outdoor space, and also makes it more stylish.

#8 Umbrella Outdoor Lighting

Lights held together under an umbrella are suitable for both houses and coffee shops. They’re also easy to install. String lights or small solar lanterns are used here.

#9 Outdoor Lighting with Lantern

One of the most creative ways for lighting outdoor space is to use lanterns. Solar table candle lanterns and LED wall sconce lanterns are highly recommended.

#10 Outdoor Chandelier Lights

Chandeliers are such beautiful and functional garden decorations. They make outside space like a dream landscape.

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