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10 Fruit Trees That Can Grow In Containers

If you want to relish fresh fruits right at your home, let’s grow some of the 10 Fruit Trees That Can Grow In Containers. No need to own a large garden, they grow well in small spaces of plastic, timber, terracotta, or ceramic pots as long as they’re at least 1 foot (30cm) wide and 1 foot deep, even half wine barrels also work well. What’s even better, you don’t have to hurt your back digging soil and pulling weeds!

Most of them are available in dwarf or mini varieties including pears, apples, oranges, and cherries, and they only grow to about half the size of a regular fruit tree to save your space. Bonus, they are both easy to take care of and productive in each container and will give you a fresh harvest even in the smallest spaces. Read on and choose some to grow suited to your space and your taste.

#1 Fig Trees

Source: Garden

Fig Trees grow well in containers as their roots don’t mind having confined. They prefer to grow in regions with warm summers and cool winters.

#2 Lemon Trees

Source: Organicgardener

Lemon trees do well in containers and can grow up to 10-20 feet tall but you can control their height by pruning. They are sensitive to cold temperatures and needed protection from frost.

#3 Lime Trees

Source: 30seconds

Lime Trees require at least 8 hours of sun each day and well-drained soil. When grown in containers, they can be moved easily indoors to avoid cold winter temperatures.

#4 Pear Trees

Source: Mirrorgardenoffers

Giving Pear Trees at least 6 hours of sunlight per day if you want to grow them in containers. Pears are the earliest flowering fruit and can be damaged by frost, so when a frost is a forecast, let’s cover them when they are in flowers.

#5 Avocado Trees

Source: Gardeningtips

Avocado trees can be grown well in containers. They need shading in the hot afternoon sun when the plants are young because of susceptible to sunburn.

#6 Orange Trees

Source: Gardenerspath

Orange Trees grow well in containers placed in a sunny position. They require at least 8 hours of sunlight each day. They prefer to grow in regions that have mild winters with warm climates.

#7 Apricot Trees

Source: Southernfruittrees

Apricot Trees can tolerate frost hardy when dormant over winter but the flowers are damaged easily by frost.

#8 Apple Trees

Source: Gardenerknowhow

Apple Trees look beautiful when grown in pots or containers placed in backyards, courtyards, or sunny balconies.

#9 Peach Trees

Source: Wilsonbrosgardens

Peach trees are available in dwarf varieties that can be grown in containers and reach 6 to 8 feet in height.

#10 Cherry Trees

Source: Chrisbowers

Cherry trees displays beautiful white or pink blossoms during springtime and ripen cherries with a great taste that not only human love eating but also attract birds.

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