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10 Good Reasons To Grow Comfrey In The Garden

Comfrey is considered an important herb for use in organic gardening. Apart from using medicine to treat some diseases such as heal burns, bruises, and muscle sprains, soothe pain, and reduce inflammation, it’s also quite useful for maintaining permaculture systems. So in the post today, we want to share 10 good reasons to grow this plant in the garden. Check them out with us.

Activate a compost heap, boost seedlings, or support the health of your established plants, … these are some comfrey uses for the garden that you can take advantage of. When growing them in the garden, it means you are not only owning important herb that good for health but also have a great friend to help the growth of your crops because they can provide essential nutrients. And with these good reasons, this plant is deserved to have a space in your garden, right? So, don’t hesitate, let’s grow and use it when you need it!

#1 Activate A Compost Heap

Comfrey leaves can be used to help activate compost heap as they’re high in nitrogen, making them an outstanding bio activator. If you have a large number of fall leaves or other dried brown material, layering it with comfrey leaves is a good way to help balance the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio and jumpstart decomposition.

#2 Boost Seedlings

Young perennials, such as berry bushes, fruit trees, asparagus, herbs, etc., and fruiting vegetable seedlings like squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers, can get a great nutritional kickstart from comfrey. When you plant, simply bury a few of the leaves underneath each planting spot. As they decompose, they’ll provide essential nutrients to help your young plants grow nice and strong.

#3 Support The Health Of Your Established Plants

Making a compost tea to provide an instant nutrient boost to your established plants too. It’s made by steeping the fresh comfrey plant matter in water, straining the liquid, and then using it to water any plants that may need a mid-season boost of nutrition, or those that are looking stressed. The extra nitrogen in your comfrey compost tea will help to encourage better flowering and more vigorous growth in all sorts of plants.

#4 Make Comfrey Oil

Buying comfrey oil can be pricey, but if you have your own plants growing at home, you can save a lot of money while taking advantage of its many different uses.

#5 Treat Poison Ivy Blisters

You can either rub the raw comfrey leaves onto poison ivy blisters or use the oil in the same way just remember not to apply it to broken skin.

#6 Prevent Scar Tissue and Speed Wound Healing

If you have a wound, once it’s begun to heal and is no longer open, you can use comfrey to prevent scar tissue from forming around it and to help speed up the rest of its recovery. Crush up the leaves and rub them onto the area, and dab a little comfrey oil onto it.

#7 Heal Skin Rashes

Comfrey is especially effective for treating skin rashes. If you have a body rash, you may want to use it in a bath by filling up a muslin bag with the dried or fresh leaves and enjoying a good soak. It will not only help to support the health and beauty of your skin, it will help soothe the itch of a rash. You can also use the oil, or rubbing the crushed leaves onto the affected area to help it heal faster.

#8 Make a Poultice To Soothe Pain and Inflammation

If you have an infection or are experiencing pain and inflammation, using a poultice is a good way to go. Simply mix four cups of chopped comfrey leaves and stems with a quarter cup of carrier oil like olive oil or almond oil. Wrap the comfrey oil paste using a cotton cloth. Freeze it and then apply to affected areas to reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain, holding it on for at least 30 minutes for the best results.

#9 Relieve Sore Feet

Coming home after a long day with tired, sore feet, but you can use comfrey to create an herbal foot bath that will help re-energize and soothe them.

#10 Torn Muscles and Fractures

Applying comfrey oil or the leaves rubbed against the affected area of a fracture or torn muscle is also said to promote faster healing.

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