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10 Indoor Herbs That You Can Grow All Year

As herbs used for daily cooking, it’s great to store them at home. And, one of the best ways to do this is to grow herbs on your own. Some can be grown in DIY planters and hung indoor (or outdoor) while some are planted in the garden. Quick to harvest, they not only help with your cooking but also make your house “greener”. Some even help prevent mosquitoes and ants.

In this post, I’m glad to share 10 indoor herbs that you can grow all year. If you love gardening or prefer homemade foods, just give these a go. You can start your project with seeds or seedling. I prefer seeds as I love the process of growing and harvesting vegetables. It really makes sense. Sometimes, I grow a favorite herb in a nice DIY pot and place it at working desk and coffee table at home.

#1 Basil

You can start growing basil with seeds. It’s best to place your pot in a south-facing window as basil a sun-loving herb.

#2 Oregano

The second herb to grow indoor at any time is oregano. You can start your project with seeds or a tip that has been cut from an outdoor oregano plant. Place it in a south-facing window.

#3 Parsley

You can plant parsley with seeds. This herb love full sun to grow, so you should place the pot in the sunniest place inside the house, east- or west-facing window.

#4 Rosemary

Rosemary helps a lot in garnishing foods, especially desserts. You can definitely grow it with seeds, an place it inside the house. A south-facing window is recommended.

#5 Chives

As chives usually used for cooking and deterring mosquitoes and flies, it’s great to grow it inside the house. Choose the biggest bulbs from the kitchen (or garden) and replant them.

#6 Sage

To plant sage indoor, you can start with a tip that has been cut from an outdoor sage plant. It can grow in dry, indoor air, but needs the strong sun from a south-facing window.

#7 Thyme

Thyme is also a great herbs to plant indoor at any time. You can start with a soft tip that has been cut from an outdoor plant or digging up and repotting the entire thing. Place your pot in an east- or west-facing window for best growing.

#8 Tarragon

You can start tarragon indoors in late fall or early winter. Digging up an outdoor plant  and repotting the entire thing. Place your pot outside until the leaves die back. Bring it to your coolest indoor spot for a few days, then place it in a south-facing window for as much sun as possible.

#9 Chervil

Chervil, also called French parsley is a great herb to plant indoor. Start your project with seeds in late summer.

#10 Bay

To grow bay inside the house, you should place the pot in an east- or west-facing window, but be sure it does not get crowded. This herb requires the container gardening method.

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