10 Lovely And Small Houseplants For Your Compact Spaces

What could be better than waking up every early morning and being enjoyed the beauty of green houseplants or bright flowers right in your living space? It would be nice to take a moment to sit back and enjoy the success of a healthy and lush plant. But how do you know where to start and which plants are for you? Don’t worry, this post today is for you! And here are the 10 Lovely And Small Houseplants For Your Compact Spaces. Especially, if you live in small apartments and homes, they are great candidates.

These houseplants are extremely great for those who have limited space, there are plenty of small indoor plants that won’t take up too much room. Place them in tabletop, desk, window sill will provide a lavish look and can be used to decorate the interior at a low cost. They create positive impacts and many of them purify the air. Not only gives add a visual charm at any place in your home, but these houseplants are also easy to grow with basic care. They also can adapt to poor conditions such as low light, low humidity, and a wide range of temperatures. Read on to know more about them.

#1 Jade Plant

Source: Amazon

Jade Plant belongs to the succulent family that displays thick rounded leaves. It prefers to grow in well-lit areas and dry out between waterings.

#2 Peperomia

Source: Wildroots

The Peperomia is a compact and low-maintenance houseplant that brings green round leaves. It does well in moderate light and well-drained soil.

#3 Pothos

Source: Interiorplants

Pothos is an easy-to-care plant that does well in low light. It is a small attractive vine and brings heart-shaped leaves. You can grow it in a hanging basket or place it on a shelf or bookcase.

#4 African Violet

Source: Apartmenttherapy

African Violet is a beautiful compact plant that showcases flowers coming in a range of colors including white, pink and purple. Give it a well-drained soil for its happy growth.

#5 Polka Dot Plant

Source: Plantvine

Polka Dot Plant is a small, attractive indoor plant that offers foliage in a variety of colors including pink, red, cream, and green. It favors humidity and tolerates low light.

#6 Air Plants

Source: Potterybarn

Air Plants grow well without needing soil or water as it’s able to absorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves. Growing this plant easily just give it mist a few times a week. In summer, it should be submerged in water once a week.

#7 Succulents

Source: Thespruce

Succulents are small, low-maintenance houseplants that anyone can grow easily. Even, beginner gardeners also grow successfully.

#8 Nerve Plant

Source: Collagewithnature

The nerve plant is a small tropical plant and produces dark green leaves and white, cream, or pink veins. It prefers humid and moist conditions.

#9 Cacti

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Cacti are another small indoor plant with just low maintenance. They grow well in hot, dry conditions and only need minimal watering.

#10 Aloe Vera

Source: Ikea

Aloe Vera also belongs to the succulent family. It is a small, low-maintenance plant. Give it water occasionally because it’s able to store moisture in its leaves.

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