10 Low-light Indoor Plants

In order to photosynthesize, all plants need light. But, there are several plants that can also cope with less sunlight. Explore 10 Low-light Indoor Plants ideal for dark corners. They do well in semi-shaded to shaded rooms without direct sunlight. Also, they do not require much maintenance making them perfect options for both beginners and people who are interested in growing beautiful plants without too much care.

Any home always has corners and rooms that are a little dark. However, these spaces do not need to look drab and gloomy! Spruce up those spaces with one or some low-light houseplants below. Even if you don’t have giant sunny windows, you also can grow tons of beautiful houseplants. Keep reading to learn more about our favorite low-light plants that offer a splash of green for every room in your home.

#1 Bromeliads

Source: Marcoislandflorist

Bromeliads are one of the beautiful tropical plants you should choose to grow in your home. They can survive on florescent mild alone and grows well in humid circumstances.

#2 Spider Plant

Source: Gardentherapy

Spider Plant is a popular houseplant because of its easy growth properties, even when neglected many times, it also grows well. To expand your collection, you can have new young plants by using the propagating method.

#3 Chinese language Evergreen

Source: Pepperfry

Chinese language Evergreen is sturdy indoor vegetation and grows well in low mild. To help lush growth and displays beautiful leaves, you just fertilize the plant a couple of times every 12 months.

#4 Dragon Tree

Source: Crocus

Dragon Tree produces spiky leaves that develop upwards and have pink making it looks perfect to combine with your interiors. Its leaves are easily burned if received much direct sunlight, so give the plant some solar and a little shade for the best.

#5 Forged-Iron Plant

Source: Pinterest

Forged-Iron Plant is a slow-growing plant, it tolerates not only solely to low mild but also warmth and chilly.

#6 Dieffenbachia

Source: Istockphoto

Filtered mild is the best for this plant. You can use a curtain as a barrier between it and the solar to give it indirect sunlight, particularly when the plant is producing new, tender leaves when the spring and summer seasons.

#7 Snake Plant

Source: Epicangelart

Snake Plant is a low-maintenance plant that tolerates darkness as long as be careful of root rot brought on by overwatering.

#8 Peace Lily

Source: Oxy-plants

Peace Lily is one of the toughest houseplants you will love growing indoors. It is not only easy for beginners but also produces white elegant flowers to add to your rooms.

#9 Calathea

Source: Susansinthegarden\

Thanks to the patterned leaves, the Calathea becomes a welcome addition to any room. Give it indirect sunlight for growth optimum, but not direct mild because this may truly fade its pretty markings.

#10 Coronary heart-Leaf Philodendron

Source: Houseplantcentral

By producing unique leaves that look like heart shapes, hence the name, making it a great addition to bring a charming vibe to your home. The vining plant can endure dim spots in any room with lengthy, single stems.

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