10 Popular Vegetables and Herbs That Adapt Best To Indoor Conditions

When bad weather appears, which are too hot scorching summer days, or the frost of cold winter days, this leads to a threat to the health of many vegetables. But this doesn’t have to mean the end of your favorite gardening works. If you have a free spot near your window, you can grow some in your living space in the home. They are able to grow well under indoor conditions, and still do best without sunlight. Even, they can be turned into future houseplants giving the green space in your home.

They are easy-to-grow indoor herbs or leafy greens, all of them just need basic care such as water, soil, and sunlight. The fast-growing and shallow-rooted veggies will require a minimum of 4 – 6 hours of direct sunlight. Growing these indoor vegetables not only gives you fresh food and eat easily but also to have a beautiful view year-round. So, whether any season of the year, don’t go putting your gardening gloves away just yet. Let’s get started with your indoor garden on the list today.

#1 Lettuce

Source: Reddit

The easy-to-grow leafy green can be started growing from the bottom part of store-bought lettuce. Or you also cansow the seeds in potting mix.

#2 Spinach

Source: Sarabackmo

Spinach is one of the fastest-growing leafy green vegetables and is easy to grow indoors under lights. To grow indoors, give it a light source (led grow light).

#3 Radish

Source: Plantflix

Radish is a moisture-loving crop and also is one of the fastest-growing crops. To grow well, do not let the soil dry and at the same time do not overwater them, because nobody likes waterlogged soil.

#4 Arugula

Source: Nature-garden

Arugula favors growing at a cool temperature which makes them grow best indoors. Simply, sprinkle the seeds in a pot filled with potting mix, then water them. Don’t forget to place the pots or containers under the source of light.

#5 Mustard Green

Source: Indiagardening

Like other green leafy veggies, mustard greens are easy to grow. You can grow them in pots or containers available.

#6 Microgreens

Source: Growingfamily

Microgreens contain a source of vitamins and other nutrients. You can grow this veggie easily indoors to have nutritious dishes. The mature process of this veggie just takes a short of period, from 5 to 7 days.

#7 Basil

Source: Thekitchn

Basil is one of the most popular and easy-growing herbs, it does well both indoors and outdoors. You can grow this herb in containers or in DIY pots like plastic bottles or teacups. You can grow it directly from the seeds, or use cuttings from store-bought basil.

#8 Scallions

Source: Diyjoy

This scallion is really, really easy to grow. No need for a garden, even soil, it can grow well in water and also produce the tender young green leaves for a week.

#9 Mint

Source: Hunker

Growing from store-bought mint is the easiest method. You can pick some good green cuttings, plant them in potting soil, and water them. After a few days, they will be ready to harvest.

#10 Ginger

Source: berkshireeagl

Ginger is very easy to grow. If you have some store-bought ginger in the kitchen, you can grow them to have an indoor ginger garden right in the home.

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