10 Summer Culinary Herbs That You Can Dry To Use For A Long Time

10 Summer Culinary Herbs That You Can Dry To Use For A Long Time

Herbs are one of the indispensable ingredients in cooking to add flavor and taste to daily dishes. That is the reason why they become common and available and you can buy them at any grocery. But you don’t always want to go out, instead, you can grow them easily right in your garden, even in small spaces like pots, containers, or planter boxes.

And in the post today, we will share 10 Summer Culinary Herbs That You Can Dry to Use for A Long Time. They grow well in summer and give you a lot of quantity. However, you can’t use all of them when they are fresh for a long time, the dry method is the best preserve as well as give you can enjoy herb year-round. This list here is some choice herbs whose flavor and aroma remain true after the drying process for months to come to help you use in all time. Reading them to choose what you can grow for in your garden!

#1 Oregano

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When dried, the taste of the oregano is better, it is familiar to most people as a mainstay of Italian cooking.

#2 French Tarragon

Image Credits: Spiceography

French tarragon is a popular ingredient in flavored vinegar and adds a subtle licorice taste to salad dressings, meat dishes, and soups. For use in a long time, let’s dry the fresh leaves after cutting.

#3 Lovage

Image Credits: Gardenerspath

The pungent aroma of dried lovage leaves is an excellent addition to soups, stocks, and stews

#4 Rosemary

Image Credits: Spiceography

The leaves, roots, and seeds of the lovage all have culinary uses. The pungent aroma of dried lovage leaves is an excellent addition to soups, stocks, and stews.

#5 Sweet Marjoram

Image Credits: Theseedcollection

Sweet Marjoram is a delicious culinary herb with a distinctive flavor. When cooked fresh at high temperatures, this herb is easy to lose its flavor, but preserve the little leaves by drying and you will have captured its essence for months.

#6 Thyme

Image Credits: Vecteezy

Thyme has a rich distinctive fragrance. This herb will make soups, stews, meat, and fish dishes tastier. Drying it to use for a long time.

#7 Coriander

Image Credits: Indiamart

Coriander possesses a strong astringent flavor and is a mainstay in Latin American foods, particularly salsas.

#8 Sage

Image Credits: Thefrugalgirls

Sage has its use for both culinary and medicinal use. Dried it to use for a long time.

#9 Sweet Bay Laurel

Image Credits: Fuf.net

Sweet bay leaves add an earthy aroma and flavor to many delicious and tasty dishes such as soups, stews, slow-cooked meats, and pasta dishes. The leaf is sharp-edged and stays that way, so people usually remove them after cooking, so drying the leaves, and then ground to a fine powder.

#10 Mint

Image Credits: Web24news

There are many types of mint including peppermint, spearmint, applemint that make your dishes tastier and flavorful. All dry well and hold a sweet, delicate flavor that enriches desserts, teas, and savory dishes.

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