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10 Types of Ornamental Peppers You Can Grow

When it comes to decorative outdoors, most people will think of beautiful plants like climbers or shrubs. However, if you want to get a double appearance consisting of flowers and, at the same time, attractive, durable, berrylike fruits in your garden, this plant type today is one of the best recommendations. Go for ornamental peppers as they give you elegant ornamental plants. They’re amazing accent plants both for their attractiveness and taste adding interest to the landscape.

These peppers are most often grown for their aura of attraction rather than as their edible fruits, so they are referred to as ornamental plants. They have different shapes, sizes, and colors, they’ll give your home amazing looks. Not only gives add a visual charm at any place in your garden, but these ornamental peppers are also easy to grow with basic care. Plus, they can grow well outdoor in raised planting beds, or an entire yard, even some also can grow indoors in containers or pots.

#1 ‘Tangerine Dream’ Ornamental Pepper

Source: Pepperscale

‘Tangerine Dream’ Ornamental Pepper can grow up to 18 inches and is ready to be harvested 70 days after cultivation. It has orange-red in color, the tangerine dream that is very appealing to the eyes and also possesses a sweet taste. This pepper needs full sun for the best growth.

#2 ‘Purple Flash’ Ornamental Pepper

Source: Garden

The ‘Purple Flash’ Ornamental Pepper is an herbaceous perennial. This type comes with dark foliage surrounded by bright purple or white touches. When coming the season, the plant produces dark purple flowers, followed by little, round, glossy, jet-black fruits that are edible.

#3 ‘Aurora’ Ornamental Pepper

Source: Pepperscale

‘Aurora’ Ornamental Pepper can reach 1.5ft long and 0.75ft wide, and goes from green to lavender and dark purple; then it evolves to orange and red color. Growing this pepper is quite easy with the basic maintenance it needs.

#4 ‘Chilly Chili’ Ornamental Pepper

Source: Thespruce

‘Chilly Chili’ Ornamental Pepper is a hardy plant that grows well in any condition weather. It blooms its flowers in late summer and produces ivory fruits originally yellow but changes to bright red during its maturity stage. When the maturity stage, the chilly chili can grow up to 10 inches tall and 14 inches wide.

#5 ‘Sangria’ Ornamental Pepper

Source: Aliexpress

‘Sangria’ Ornamental Pepper does well in zones 10 to 11 and tolerates the winter. It produces a 2 to 3-inch fruit that has various colors, ranging from whites, yellows, reds, and purples.

#6 Masquerade Ornamental Pepper (Capsicum annuum)

Source: Caribbeangardenseed

Masquerade Ornamental Pepper grows dense upright clusters of very vivid flame fruit. It shows off fragile white flowers with the shape of a star and features a touch of creamy white color. Then, it produces numerous purple berries with orange blush but subsequently changes to red when fading.

#7 ‘Chinese 5-Color’ pepper

Source: Smolderinbob

‘Chinese 5-Color’ pepper displays rainbow-like colors of 5, ranging from cream, purple, yellow, orange, and red, and gains in heat as the colors evolve, hence the name. This pepper is an easy-to-grow plant that develops in clusters.

#8 ‘Medusa’ Ornamental Pepper

Source: Plants.chaletnursery

This pepper is called ‘Medusa’ as its short yet long and thin appearance always twists and curls, like Medusa’s hair. It features dark green foliage, which holds the peepers that grow upwards and mature from ivory to orange and red colors.

#9 ‘Cajun Belle’ Peppers

Source: Otisacres

‘Cajun Belle’ Peppers has a series of gorgeous colors ranging from lime green to orange and finally red at its mature stage. This ornamental plant type is a dwarf-sized plant so none of its fruits is above 2 to 3 inches long. When it is mature, the fruits turn a glossy red color.

#10 ‘Black Pearl’ Ornamental Pepper

Source: Growjoy

‘Black Pearl’ Ornamental Pepper is a gorgeous plant that features dark foliage. It grows in such a way that it branches out and creates more clusters of black, pearl-like, shiny peppers, hence the name. With maturity, the black peppers turn red.

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