10 Vegetables That Have Taste Better After Frost

Frost is a cold winter phenomenon with extremely low temperatures, and this is a hard time for many vegetables, so food growers often hurry to gather. However, some veggies even taste better after a frost because this is a favorite time to make them incredibly delicious. And in the post today, we will share 10 vegetables that have taste better after frost that you will love to grow in the garden at this time. Check them out with us!

Most of you maybe don’t know that plants take in carbon dioxide and water and use sunlight to convert these into starch. Enzymes then convert this starch within the plants to sugar. It is also part of the process of protecting themselves against the cold during the winter because frost triggers certain hardy plants to begin producing more sugar. The higher levels of sugar protect as well as “stay warm” the plants by metabolizing these plant sugars. And that is the reason why the increased sugars can make the plants taste better to you.

#1 Parsnips

Carrots are another root crop that tastes sweeter after frost exposure. They too can be showcased at their very best by drizzling them with olive oil and honey and roasting them. Their sweetened taste also makes them great for a range of other recipes including carrot cake, for example.

#2 Carrots

The taste beets are better after frosts, roasting your beets is the best way to showcase their sweeter flavor. You could also make a cake with beets too, beet brownies, for example, are one popular option.

#3 Beets

Save the recipe

#4 Celeriac

Celeriac can taste great, especially after some more of the starch has converted to sugars. The increased sweetness after frost complements the nutty and celery-like flavor. And can make it even tastier in a classic remoulade or in soups, stews, or other recipes.

#5 Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are another of those Christmas-time vegetables that people either love or loathe. You can just steam or boil them, but the sweetness is brought to the fore if you roast them, to caramelize the sugars.

#6 Kale

Kale is another member of the Brassica family, all of which taste better after frost. The leaves will taste better, sweeter, and more flavorsome, after some frosts, so leave kale in the ground over the coldest months and just harvest leaves as and when they are required.

#7 Cabbage

Winter cabbages and other leafy greens in the brassica family will also share the same characteristics. Headed cabbages, even when a few outer leaves suffer due to exposure to the elements but taste better than summer crops. It is a good reason why brassicas have long been considered staples of the winter diet.

#8 Turnips and Rutabagas

Turnips and rutabagas (swedes/ neeps) are also members of the brassica family. Their tough and hardy roots can also become sweeter if left in the ground to experience a few frosts.

#9 Swiss Chard

Swiss chard is another leafy green that can develop a sweeter and somewhat more pleasing flavor after some light frosts. Sauté tougher leaves and stems or steam them to bring out their flavor and enjoy this crop at its best.

#10 Leeks

Leeks are another staple of the winter garden. They can be left in the ground to be improved by frost all winter long. As long as the ground does not freeze hard, you can simply pull them up as and when you need them over the coldest months.

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