11 Best Houseplants That Can Absorb CO2 Effectively

Growing houseplants is a great addition to any corner of living space, it’s more sustainable than a bunch of flowers. Even better, they also have many benefit for good health. And in the post today, we want to write about them that you will love by their uses bring. If you are planning to create a green space in your home, surely the 11 best CO2 Absorbing houseplants here is what you are looking for.

Indoor air quality plays a vital role in human health and productivity. Most people think that the four walls of their home protect them from the pollution they are surrounded by outside; however, indoor air has actually been shown to hold harsh pollutants too. For good health, you can grow these houseplants that work as natural filters to indoor pollution. Read on to choose your favorite one or some to grow and enjoy fresh air in your home for a healthy living.

#1 ZZ Plant

Source: Brecks

ZZ Plant can efficiently clean the indoor air by absorbing harmful pollutants like carbon dioxide, xylene, and toluene from the surroundings. Not just that, it is a low-maintenance plant and adaptable in any condition.

#2 Rubber Plant

Source: Greenmylife

Rubber Plant can remove carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide from the surroundings, filter formaldehyde, and VOCs.

#3 Dumb Cane

Source: Crocus

Dumb Cane can absorbing carbon dioxide to make the indoor cleaner and healthier to breathe. Apart from that, it is easy to grow and adaptable in nature.

#4 Arrowhead Plant

Source: Planterina

Arrowhead Plant absorbs CO2 well indoors and is also easy to grow with basic care.

#5 Succulents and Cacti

Source: Westcoastgardens

Succulents and Cacti not only are hardy plants but also are good at absorbing CO2 at night while releasing oxygen.

#6 Pothos

Source: Bobvila

Pothos is a low-maintenance houseplant with its absorbing CO2 properties that make it become a good choice to grow indoors.

#7 Bird’s Nest Fern

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Bird’s Nest Fern can reduce the CO2 footprint indoors and is a beautiful house plant for a tabletop for a desk.

#8 Jade Plant

Source: Spacejoy

Jade Plant can improve the air quality by absorbing CO2 even during the night.

#9 Prayer Plant

Source: Thehealthyhouseplant

Prayer Plant can absorb CO2 effectively in the light intensity is increased

#10 Anthurium

Source: Moonpig

Anthurium can absorb CO2 from the air to make the environment clean. It is easy to grow with a little care.

#11 Snake Plant

Source: Wilbebloomin

Snake Plant can absorb CO2 to help your breathing easier in clean air.

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