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11 Best Plants To Grow With Potatoes You Should Know

As potatoes are a big staple harvest, most of us grow them in our garden. Many even grow potato plants in pots and containers if their garden does hot have enough space for them. I do, too. So, the point here is not all know how to harvest these potatoes more. It might be the way to care for them or plants that should always be grown alongside to repel pests or make each other grow better.

This post enables you deal with this. It introduces 11 best plants to grow with potatoes you should know. If you love gardening or just want to your potato plants produce more, these are right up your street. They are all vegetables and herbs that we eat everyday. You just do not know their uses when pairing with potatoes. I plant lettuce near potato plants and they both grow fast. Nothing is better than you get big crops with your garden.

#1 Beans

As beans do not compete for nitrogen in the soil, they help potatoes grow stronger and healthier. Bush bean varieties are a better choice.

#2 Lettuce

Potatoes grow well with lettuce. These shallow-rooted plants don’t compete for the same nutrients, and the potatoes can shade the lettuce in the heat of the afternoon.

#3 Corn

Corn is a great companion of potatoes. It help improve the flavor of potatoes.

#4 Sage

Planting sage around your potatoes is a great way to repel the flea beetles.

#5 Bush Beans

Alongside from supporting growth of potatoes, bush beans also deter the Colorado potato beetle. At the same time, potatoes help repel Mexican bean beetles, which can destroy your bean crop.

#6 Cabbage

Another vegetable that helps improve the taste of potatoes is cabbage.

#7 Horseradish

Growing horseradish around your potato plants not only helps your them be more resistant to disease, but also improves the flavor of the potatoes.

#8 Tansy

Tansy is also a plant that help fight off potato beetle, making the plants grow better and produce more.

#9 Herbs

Basil, chamomile, yarrow, parsley, and thyme are herbs that will improve the flavor of your potatoes. They can also attract helpful insects to your garden for pest control and pollination.

#10 Nasturtium

Nasturtium is a great companion for a lot of crops. It can repel potato beetles and other harmful pests in your garden.

#11 Marigolds

Marigolds can not be missed in this collection. They can deter all sorts of harmful insects- for potatoes and other crops. Plant them in every bed!

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