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11 Best Rooftop Garden Design Ideas And Tips

If you have a rooftop garden or you are planning to have one, you are in the right place. We have some great terrace garden design ideas and essential tips that you can use for inspiration on your rooftop. And here are the 11 best rooftop garden design ideas and tips that will help you in having the most beautiful roof terrace garden. Check them out with us.

With these impressive and modern designs, whether your terraces are lack space or have a larger area, you also will have your own design according to your favorite. There is nothing better than have a perfect place to sit and enjoy it, right? Although, surely you may have many plans for your rooftop garden design and style, considering these tips will be helpful too. Let’s embark on decorating your garden with the unique design ideas below.

#1 Keep It Open

A small rooftop if kept open looks big. Consider, for example, transparent glass instead of a parapet wall; fences, railing or even you can create a hedge around the border.

#2 Grow Tall Plants and Trees

If you have a large rooftop or have a bad view from there, let grow little high vegetation around the walls to maximize greenery. Growing bamboos and grasses is a good combination if you want to make it low maintenance, or growing shrubs and trees is a good choice to substitute.

#3 Create Raised Beds

If your roof supports, creating raised beds adjacent to the walls is a good idea. You can add wooden raised beds or the ones that are made from metal. If you like, you can also construct the concrete raised beds– 2 feet deep and wide would be a great size, you can even grow tall shrubs and small trees and with the regular maintenance, pruning, and root trimming in every few years, you can control the plants.

#4 Plant Carefully

When it comes to rooftop garden design, ensure you maintain the diversity in the size of the plants. A few large plants, shrubs, and small trees, ground covers, annuals must be there. Also, buy containers of different sizes this will give a great look to your rooftop garden.

#5 Furniture

Let’s decide in advance what kind of furniture you would like to purchase. Would you like to lounge on the roof terrace or want to have dinner there? You must make a choice in the initial stage. Furniture that fits the style and theme of your garden would be appropriate.

#6 Add a Focal Point

A focal point attracts the eyes toward it. Anything can be a focal point that draws attention. A water feature, a tall tree, a beautiful arrangement of container plants, a statue, etc.

#7 Do Lighting

In the evening, it is important that your rooftop garden is well-lit. Especially near the stairwell or door, it’s nice to make more bright spots. Moreover, lighting a roof will make it look larger during dusk.

#8 Use No More Than Three Colors

Using several different colors for walls, floors, railings, furniture or containers will make your rooftop look too busy and cluttered. A color combined with a neutral color works best. Neutral colors like white, gray, beige, indigo also accentuate the beauty of plants.

#9 Utilize Vertical Space

Utilize vertical space to add more space to your rooftop garden, hang planters on the walls, use railing planters, and grow a lot of climbers.

#10 Nice Floor Is Important

Don’t forget the flooring. Choose flooring type that fits your budget, suits the climate you live in, and accommodate the theme of the rooftop garden.

#11 Play With Colors and Plant Types

Use cool colors and warm colors in balance to get a beautiful look. Grow trees, shrubs, foliage plants, and annuals for a burst of color.

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