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11 Flowers That Have Mild Scents Like Lemon and Orange

11 Flowers That Have Mild Scents Like Lemon and Orange

Do you know that citrus scents are a good way to help enhance your mood? Maybe you don’t know that citrus scents boost Serotonin- this is a hormone that makes you happy. That is the reason why citrus scents are known to uplift mood and spirit. In addition, they stimulate the nervous system, making you more alert, attentive, and happy.

Not only citrus fruits but also there are some plants that have a great smell to help enhance your mood. And in the post today, we write about 11 Flowers That Have Mild Scents Like Lemon and Orange that can reduce your sad mood. They also are easy to grow with a little of your care and basic requirement. For good reason, let’s grow them in your garden and enjoy their fragrance.

#1 Lemon Myrtle

Image Credits: Theguardian

Lemon Myrtle forms creamy white flower clusters with the lemon-scented. And its leaves are used for medicinal, cosmetic, and household purposes. Growing this flower from cuttings or seeds in a mild climate or a shade.

#2 Winter Daphne

Image Credits: The Spruce

Winter Daphne has a fragrance that somewhat resembles lemonish vanilla. The flower does well in well-drained and moisture-rich soil.

#3 Rose ‘Angel Face’

Image Credits: Gardenia

Rose ‘Angel Face’ produces a strong and sweet fruity fragrance with notes of lemon. It requires full sun for around 6-8 hours and a layer of mulch to the soil, so it remains moist and cool.

#4 Lemon-Scented Geranium

Image Credits: Hgvt

This plant has both foliage and flowers with the lemon-scented. You can grow it in a container and place n a cool climate.

#5 Bikovo

Image Credits: Growjoy

Both foliage and flowers of this flower have an almost lemony fragrance. You can grow it in full sun or partial shade.

#6 Mexican Orange

Image Credits: Plant Care Today

Mexican Orange is a heavenly citrus-scented flower and is similar in appearance and fragrance of orange blossoms.

#7 Orange Jessamine or Jesamine

Image Credits: Gardening Know How

Orange Jessamine or Jesamine comes to best-scented flowers that smell like lemon or orange. you can enjoy the scent by growing it in a container in a cool climate.

#8 Japanese Cheesewood

Image Credits: Ten Thousand Wildflowers

Japanese Cheesewood has the sweet citrus-scented flowers appear in clusters for a short time. The flower is low maintenance and tolerates frost.

#9 Bergamot

Image Credits: Britannica

Bergamot has bergamot orange-like fragrance.The plant prefers well-drained moist soil rich in organic matter.

#10 Gas Plant

Image Credits: Gardenia

Gas Plant is lemon-scented. It does well in full sun and partial shade.

#11 Mock Orange

Image Credits: Gardener’s Path

Mock Orange has white flowers with a refreshing orange-like smell. The plant prefers growing in a sunny place.

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