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11 Good Companion Plants That Help Your Cucumber Grow Well

If you are finding ways to plant cucumbers that have high productivity, you should not miss out on this article. Here we’ve listed a recommendation for you. That is companion plants! As another good way to have a bountiful harvest, apart from using all watering, weeding, fertilizing, mulching, to boost your cucumber grow well, companion plants also are a great solution that gardeners should know.

Beans, beets, corn, dill, …these vegetables are easy to grow. So when you plant them with cucumber, you not only take advantage of the space of the garden but also have more vegetables to harvest. Besides, companion plants can provide some nutrients to help the growth of cucumber. Even, they are considered as natural methods to repel some harmful insects and pests. For these good reasons, whenever you plan to grow a cucumber garden, let’s grow them to see how useful they are.

#1 Beans

Beans will help to fix essential nitrogen in the soil. That being said, it is wise to plant bush beans with cucumbers for increased vigor of your cucumber crop. And you can share trellis for both your pole beans and your cucumbers. Not only will it save you space in the garden, but also they will enjoy the company of each other too.

#2 Beets

If you have a place to plant more beets in your garden, go ahead and sow the seeds near your cucumber plants. This is one of the ways to take advantage of your space to have more green vegetables.

#3 Celery

Celery is often planted near members of the cabbage family, for its strong scent is thought to deter the cabbage butterfly. When planting celery and cucumbers together, they will be a close friend. It is one of those more neutral pairings that makes it easier to space out the many kinds of vegetables in your garden.

#4 Corn

Corn, like sunflowers, can act as a support for smaller varieties of cucumbers.

#5 Dill

Dill also attracts loads of fly-by and crawl-by beneficial insects such as parasitic wasps and other pollinators. In an organic garden, you can never have too many of those. You might also notice that dill has a slight effect on the flavor of your cucumbers.

#6 Lettuce

If you are seeking a vegetable that is incredibly easy to grow, lettuce is your answer. Lettuce, as a companion plant is good next to strawberries, radishes, carrots, and cucumbers.

#7 Marigolds

These useful flowers help to repel all sorts of beetles and insects in the garden with their fragrance.

#8 Nasturtiums

Another amazing flower to plant in your garden every year is nasturtiums. Planting nasturtiums alongside cucumbers, not only do they have a similar low-growing and sprawling habit that looks beautiful, but the nasturtiums also repel insects, such as thrips, aphids, and other cucumber munching bugs.

#9 Peas

Peas add to the nitrogen content in the soil. This is good for the growth of cucumbers. Moreover, peas can be started and harvested earlier, then your cucumbers will have more space to start sprawling when their time comes to shine.

#10 Radishes

It is useful to grow cucumbers to find out that they have one larger taproot and several shallow roots that do not extend very far from the base. So, the roots of cucumbers and root vegetables will not interfere with one another. Radishes may also help to deter damaging cucumber beetles.

#11 Sunflowers

Cucumbers have a tendency to climb, sunflowers, just like corn, make for a functional and natural trellis. This helps you to save space in your garden. By the time you are ready to harvest the sunflower seeds, the cucumbers will have been long harvested.

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