11 Houseplants That Are Good For Health

When it comes to houseplants, most people think of green space. But their uses aren’t only for decoration, there are many uses for health. It is great if we can have them throughout the entire year in the home and use them any time when needed. And in the article, we will share the 11 Houseplants That Are Good For Health. They are easy to grow with basic care to give health benefits what you are looking for.

Not only common popular houseplants, but some of them are also herbs. They are low-maintenance, health-promoting plants that are a beautiful addition to any home. In addition, growing these houseplants will be a great addition to any corner of your living space, it’s more sustainable than a bunch of flowers to display their natural beauty all year. Whether you grow them for decorating or for having good health, they promise to make you satisfied.

#1 Holy Basil

Source: Plants4presents

Holy basil is a good source of vitamin K. Besides, it also helps encourage antioxidant activity in the body which slows down DNA damage and aging and helps prevent cancer risk, which is proven by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

#2 Chili

Source: Bhg

Chili peppers contain a bioactive plant compound called capsaicin, which is an antioxidant. This plant also is great in treating arthritis and pain associated with neuropathy and can even boost immunity.

#3 Lavender

Source: Gershwinandgertie

Lavender smells great so it has a calming impact on the nervous system. According to this study, inhaling lavender vapor can prevent oxidative damage to the brain and improve cognitive performance. Simply rubbing a few lavender leaves together can help relieve the pain associated with a headache.

#4 Rosemary

Source: Thespruce

Rosemary has numerous health benefits including the ability to boost memory, reduce inflammation, relieve pain, reduce anxiety and protect the immune system, stimulate circulation, detoxify the body, prevent premature aging, remedy skin conditions, and protect the body from bacterial infections.

#5 Spearmint

Source: Plantforlife

Spearmint contains vitamins, antioxidants, and vital nutrients, digestive aid and is popular during pregnancy to ease nausea. In addition, it has Menthol that is the most potent ingredient helping in a calming effect on the body and reducing anxiety, and easing the mind.

#6 Sage

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Sage also has tremendous health benefits such as its ability to recharge the immune system, reduce inflammation, moderate digestion, strengthen bones, alleviate skin conditions and prevent diabetes.

#7 English Ivy

Source: Indoorplantshop

English ivy is a great natural remedy for removing mold spores in the home. If you are sensitive to mold and have allergies, this houseplant is a helper.

#8 Aloe Vera

Source: Ikea

Aloe Vera is great in healing burns by the sticky gel inside the leaves that has a calming impact on skin inflammation and itchiness. You also use it to the sunburn. Or drinking two tablespoons o ale vera juice daily for two weeks helped to lower blood sugar levels, which is proven by this research.

#9 Orchid

Source: Thegardenglove

Orchids are highly beneficial for health. For example, Dendrobium orchids strengthen eyesight, boost immune function and possess powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Cymbidium orchids increase fertility in men and women. Vanda orchids are great in reducing fevers, remedying arthritis, and easing bronchitis. The stems and bulbs are often dried for medicinal use and the flower can also be dried and made into tea. The root of the plant contains powerful antimicrobials and essential oils.

#10 Peace Lilly

Source: Mydomaine

According to The NASA study, Peace Lilly is one of the best purifying air plants. It can cleanse toxins from the air such as ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, and richloroethylene.

#11 Ferns

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Lemon Button, Maidenhair, Rabbit’s Foot, Fiddlehead and Boston are the most popular ferns. Each has its own benefits. For example, Fiddleheads are a good source of protein and zinc as well as vitamins A, C, potassium, calcium, and phosphorous. Maidenhair ferns are made into tea to suppress coughs and ease nasal congestion. Boston ferns are efficient air cleaners to eliminate formaldehyde.

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