11 Inspiring Ideas To Start Seeds You Should Try

Many plants, especially herbs start with seeds. As a gardening lover, I enjoy seeing my plants grow, thrive from seeds to harvestable produce. Although I’ve just started gardening work for a few years, I tried a variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Some are planted directly in soil in my garden while some are grown in pots and containers. Each requires different needs to grow, so brings me a lot of experience. I just say that it’s difficult to start with seeds than seedlings (from nursery) and cuttings (from plants in garden).

So, our post today aims to let you deal with this much better. It shares 11 inspiring ideas to start with seeds you should try. They’re materials that are likely to be thrown away after used. I have never thought of starting my seeds with rinds of citrus fruits. But this actually works. The seeds thrive fast in here as they get all the nutrients they need. Get ready to know all? Here we go!

#1 Use Empty Egg Cartons

You can make small pots for seedlings out of egg cartons. Cut the top part of the egg carton, then keep them all together or cut them through the centre to make small joined batches. Or, you may also separate them in to individual cups for planting different seeds. Easy, right?

#2 Use Rinds Of Citrus Fruits

You can use rinds of citrus fruits like oranges and lemons to start the process of direct seeding. They’re great “nursery” for seedlings.  Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage or cucumber seeds love living here for the first period of their growth.

#3 Egg Shells To Add Calcium

Egg shells are a natural source of calcium that many seedlings need. Place some soil in and these shells become a perfect nest for your seeds to sprout in. Just make sure to wash the inside of the shells prior to planting.

#4 Use Clay Pots

Clay pots are great sustainable pots, and completely biodegradable. They’re great choice for garden seeding.

#5 Paper Milk Cartons

Colorful paperboard milk cartons can be transformed into seedling starter containers or herb planters. Cut the cartons, fold it and seal the bottom to make it a cubical pot. You can let your kids involve in this fun DIY project!

#6 Use Newspapers

One of the creative ideas to recycle newspapers is to create small pots which can easily hold a seed till it sprouts. Just fold them in to rectangle shape and wrap them around a can or cylindrical object. Give it a tube like structure and seal the bottom. Your newspaper pots for seedlings are ready!

#7 Ice Cube Tray

Why ice cube trays are introduced here? They are made of plastic and they are extremely sturdy and durable. You can start your seeds here.

#8 Paper Rolls Or Paper Towel Rolls

People often throw toilet paper rolls, paper towel tubes, or any type of cardboard or paper cylinders away as they’re basically of no use. Turn them into small pots for seeds to sprouts are best way to recycle them.

#9 Plastic Empty Bottles

Empty plastic bottles can definitely be turned into beautiful small pots for seedlings. As they’re fun, easy to make, why not let your kids join this DIY project?

#10 Use Peat Pots

Another pot that’s great for seeds to sprout is peat pots.

#11 Use Paper Mache

Paper mache pot is made out of paper, glue and water. You can easily fold this mixture to make a good shape and then left it behind to harden.

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