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11 Lucky Plants For The Front Of Your House

Do you want luck that will come to you regularly? Certainly yes, right? Stopping here and read about the 11 Lucky Plants For The Front Of Your House. The simple reason, growing them not only supplies green space for the environment, for human life, but also brings some great benefits such as money, fortune, or luck. Some are capable of purifying the air that can improve your life more comfortable.

Every plant is a little bundle of joy, growing them outside, your landscaping of the garden will brighten up, especially you can merge with nature when planting them inside of the house. Most of these plants are easy to grow, adapt to any conditions, and do not require any gardener’s effort. So, if you are planning to decorate your entrance then you can consider bringing these lucky plants in front of the house with a positive aura and have luckless things in free. Each of these good luck plants for the front door is easily available online as well as offline at some stores.

#1 Morning Glory

Source: Gardenia

Morning Glory brings the kind of happiness and peace. Besides, the plant takes away all the nightmares and blesses one with good with full of sweet dreams.

#2 Boston Fern Plant

Source: Houzz

Placing Boston Fern in front of the house attracts good luck, prosperity, and fortune.

#3 Peonies

Source: Gurneys

Peonies are a great plant for medicinal uses. Also, this plant is supposedly a symbol of happy marriage and romance bringing good fortune, prosperity, and richness.

#4 Citrus Tree

Source: Freightnews

In Feng Shui, Citrus Tree brings fortune and good luck to the home. In addition, the citrus tree often has bright colors representing favorable and optimism.

#5 Sage

Source: Almanac

In Feng Shui, Citrus Tree brings fortune and good luck to the home. In addition, the citrus tree often has bright colors representing favor and optimism.

#6 Orchids

Source: Plantscapers

Orchids bring love and luck to the love life, nourish and foster the relationship.

#7 Basil

Source: Bunnings

Basil is not only great in cooking and medicine but also it is one of the good fortune plants attributing to financial success.

#8 Palm

Source: Bhg

Palm is a great air-purifying plant and brings good things and positive energy to the home.

#9 Oak

Source: Animals.sandiegozoo

Oak symbolizes endurance and strength, so when you place one for the front of the house, it will bring positive powers.

#10 Money Plant

Source: Exoticflora

In Feng shui, Money Plant has auspicious symbolism and a good amount of wealth. You can place it both indoors and outdoors, it will bring good wealth and prosperity to your home.

#11 Jasmine

Source: Hgvt

Placing the aromatic shrub-bearing flower in front of your home will help you find true love and also attract a good amount of wealth.

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