12 Beautiful Landscape Perennial Plants

Your garden not only supplies you with an abundant organic vegetable source but also can become an ideal outdoor space for entertaining. If you want to have a beautiful landscape, grow these perennial flowers! They are great options to add fragrance and pretty flowers with fresh, vibrant, and cheerful colors to your garden and landscape.

From bright bloomers like the aster to dramatic wild columbine and graceful foamflower, each has its own beauty to add some serious visual interest to your landscape. Whether you’re looking for something big and bright, or you’re searching for smaller blooms to use as an accent, you will find some you love. In addition, they are easy to plant just with minimal care. It’s time to change the look of your landscape, go for our 12 Beautiful Landscape Perennial Plants below!

#1 Wild Geranium

Source: Prairienursery

The flowers of the Wild Geranium bloom from March to July with pink to purple flowers with five petals. They prefer to grow in moist, acidic, rich soil and part to full shade. They are low-maintenance plants so they can do well in any condition.

#2 Wild Indigo

Source: Outsidepride

Wild Indigo bears blue or purple-colored flowers look great in your garden. When they are in bloom, the flowers are so beautiful and they have charming leaves all year long. They are easy-to-care-for plants as long as getting full sun and moderate watering.

#3 Aster

Source: Nature-and-garden

Aster has many different varieties that can reach 2 to 5 feet tall. They provide large clusters of flowers with different colors including white, purple, pink, red, lavender, and more. They grow easily and usually bloom beautiful flowers from spring to late summer.

#4 Bluestar

Source: Thespruce

Bluestar is a slow-growing perennial that can grow up to about 2-4 feet tall. They provide white to blue star-shaped flowers in summer, hence the name. They like full sun to light shade and moist soil but also tolerate different soil types.

#5 Fire Pink

Source: Plants

Fire Pink offers stunning flowers that not only add a large pop of color to any landscape but also attract hummingbirds and butterflies to visit your garden. They favor growing in dry to moist, well-draining soil and part shade.

#6 Black-Eyed Susan

Source: Americanmeadows

The Black-eyed Susan flowers look like small sunflowers that can attract butterflies and bees to your garden. The flowers also make great flowers for cut arrangements to bring summer beauty to your home. They are low-maintenance plants that grow well in full sun to partial sun.

#7 Crested Iris

Source: Enchantedgardensdesign

The flowers of the Crested Iris bloom from March to May to attract hummingbirds and bees to your garden. The flowers have blue-violet colors with yellow and white centers. The plants can reach 4 to 16 inches in height. They love part to full shade, moist, acidic soil, and medium water usage.

#8 Butterfly Weed

Source: Redstemlandscapes

Butterfly Weed is a bushy perennial and produces large, flat-topped clusters of orange flowers from May to September. As the name suggests, the pretty flowers of the plants can attract beautiful butterflies to your garden or landscape. Keep them in dry to moist soil and full sun.

#9 Beebalm

Source: Bhg

Beebalm belongs to the mint family and prefers acidic, moist, and wet soil. From May through October, you will see red tubular flowers that grow on the end of the three-foot stems and bloom. They grow well both in full sun and part shade, and also attract butterflies and bees to your lawn.

#10 Foamflower

Source: Heritageflowerfarm

Also called heartleaf foamflower, the Foamflower brings small, star-shaped flowers that rise above the green, lobed, heart-shaped leaves. They prefer moist, well-drained, and acidic soil with shade.

#11 Carolina Phlox

Source: Mtcubacenter

Carolina Phlox has tall erect stems that reach 24-3- inches tall and bears beautiful pink to purple flowers on the tops. The flowers come in pink, white, and purple flowers and appear on hot summer days. They also will attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden. To keep your plant grow healthy, give them moist, wet, acidic soil, and full sun to part shade.

#12 Wild Columbine

Source: Etsy

Wild Columbine is a beautiful and unique plant with red, pink, and yellow flowers that bloom from February to July. The plant can grow about 2 feet tall. They thrive in part to full shade and moist soil but also do well in a dry environment.

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